It Is In the Valleys That We Grow by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
May 24th, 2019 9:43 pm     A+ | a-
Good morning and happy spring.  Spring brings the rebirth of life especially in temperate zones, the new growth of perennial plants and generally an upbeat and euphoric feeling to people – those who are affected by the seasonal distress syndrome during the winter months, brought on by a lack of sunshine – suddenly feel wonderfully alive and invigorated again and even those who aren’t bothered by that issue usually enjoy the return of the brighter days.

Growth.  When we think about growth, we think of the unfolding of buds, flowers, the greening of this area of the world.  That is a part of natural law. 

What about people and their growth?  How much do we grow when everything is going smoothly?  How much do we grow when we have no problems to solve, no relationships to work on?  If all of our lives were spent in splendid days of joy and happiness, would we grow?  Would we have any thing to compare our happy state with so as to realize the difference?  Probably not.  I believe it is in the valleys that we grow. 

When we are on the mountain tops looking out over this beautiful world with everything going our way, we can afford to be magnanimous, kind to all, generous and giving of love, money and ourselves. 

It is when we are troubled, under stress, working to make things right, solving problems to the best of our ability that we are learning.  Are we as kind and forgiving, lovable and loving when things aren’t going right?  When we are sad, angry, frustrated and thwarted, I believe we find ourselves at those times being shorter tempered, more critical, more irritable.  It is difficult to maintain our stability in temperament.  It becomes a challenge to keep an even keel.  Sometimes we find our frustration spilling out from the area that is causing the problem into other areas of our lives that aren’t the troubled spots.

Sometimes it is best to just take a day off and if you can’t manage that at least run away for a few hours.  Do something that takes your mind off the things that stress you.  Be still and quiet so spirit can revitalize you.  Realize this too, whatever it is, shall pass.  Of course we have to go on.  Or course we have to return to the projects at hand regardless of what they are. 

Try to remember that spirit is always with you and that with that loving help you will succeed.  Good times will come again.
On the other hand remember:  It is in the valleys that we grow. 
May Spirit always be close when you are in the valleys.
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