Freedom By Rev. Allan Higgins
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Our Freedoms are simply God-Given, not complicated ... or Man Made.  Today we celebrate "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

True freedom, in either national or individual terms, is like "true love" - it is a choice, made moment to moment.  Forfeit freedom and you forfeit yourself, for like "love," freedom is who you are and what your soul is exhibiting, just by being alive, moving, and creating!

Thus, all humans are basically free.  God is Infinite, universal, eternal, and immortal.  Therefore, Infinite Intelligence is complete freedom.   We have been given free will and by the choices we make, are faced with the results of our use of that freedom.

As creations or descendants of this Intelligence, we have inherited freedom, not only as an idea, desire and need, but as a part of the essence of our soul.  Thus, freedom does not come from any government or military, even though these are often used as supports of a government that proclaims "freedom", whether it truly offers freedom or not.  This may be seen throughout history, in the Greek culture, and others before it.

There is an aspect of complete freedom, given as well as received, that we often ignore.  That aspect is of allowing for individual choice, which may even include the choice to live under a dictator.  Some people make this choice "freely" because they believe that having someone else telling them what to do or not do "allows them the freedom" to not have to think through their own individual actions.

Many "righteous" nations have fought wars to impose freedom on other nations especially when kings or dictators, as heads of state, follow their own ideas of "freedom" and think that everyone should live under their reign or religious belief.
Putting fear in people's minds is a way for a "quick power grab"!  

CAUTION:  The "Free Will" that we are given, through the love that radiates throughout the universe for all forms of life and living, always comes with strings attached.  Those strings appear in the fact that even though each choice may be "free" it sets into motion conditions that automatically flow from that choice.  This falls under the Natural Law of cause and effect.
As we are living beings, we must live with the conditions we bring about to experience the full measure of our choices as they are brought about by our own fear, greed, love, or creativity.

It is at this point that personal responsibility comes into play, as we must choose how to respond to a condition that we have created.

These actions stimulate new choices and new creativity, which include the option again of accepting the results we have made or making new and different choices. 

This is called "learning life’s lessons", or "The Wrath of God" depending on how you choose to perceive it, based on your beliefs.
In some cases, we call this "the school of hard knocks" - but it is still within the parameters of "Freedom" "Free Will " and "Free Choice" to change our beliefs and therefore our perceptions of life.

Each one of us is an expression of Infinite intelligence, with freedom to create built in!

Since God is All That Is, God has it all and thus needs nothing from us but our sincere thanks.  We each are also all of life at our core and in our soul, even though in our limited frame of mind we often fail to realize it. 

We are a part of Infinite intelligence, always, and thus can never be apart from All-That-Is ... or our free choices, or our responsibilities!

 We are connected to everything always but it is up to us realize and keep this in mind.  If we do that, suddenly the truth shall set us free.

 So, what about turning the other cheek or "Forgive them for they know not what they do"?

Does this apply today?  Or do we continue a silly childhood game of blame and shame which only makes people around us feel worse, not better?

Jesus was an example of what is possible for all of us.  He set the example of living a life free of fear and full of love. 

When Jesus made that utterance from the cross, "forgive them, for they know not what they do" he gave us the example to consider other people's situations before we condemn them. He realized that we (and they) are all doing the best we know in any particular moment.

After all, life is a creative experiment for us to find out more about ourselves and improve on what we find.  None of us knows it all and if we did, we certainly would not be here on earth!

Maybe it is time to look into our hearts instead of condemning the decisions made today.  What would we have done if we were standing in other people's shoes, with their fears, worries and knowledge?  It is so easy to criticize, but difficult - and much more productive - to empathize with our brother and sister human beings so that we may all increase in wisdom and understanding.
Forgiveness releases us from those persons and situations that would weigh us down and delay our ascension to the next highest level in life.

Let us all take it to the next level by lovingly allowing ourselves to release others to follow their own paths so we may then lovingly allow ourselves to ascend along our own path. This gives both us and others freedom to be

What you have heard today is just one view of the Infinite Expanse called Freedom. There are many other truths to be found in each version of freedom.   No one has the one and only truth – certainly not me!

Now the only question is which truths do we want to believe and choose as a way of living?  

Let it be the truth that helps us be who we are and will assist us to become the better person we dream of becoming.

God Bless.
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