Spirit at Work By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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Spirit at Work
By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
I always enjoy sharing examples of spirit at work in my life.  People ask how I “know” spirit works for me.  I always think things like this are a good “testimony.”

Last week at work I was showing a man from the gas company though one of the buildings I manage.  He came out to turn on the gas in a unit that had been vacated and discovered a gas leak.  Of course, that had to be traced down and addressed.  While I was tending to that another of the tenants, John, was looking across the street to the parking lot we use and saw a smaller black vehicle pull in quickly and park.  The driver climbed out of the passenger side door and went into the Taco Bell.  As he left the car started rolling backward, across the lot which slopes away from the building and right into my front bumper where it stopped. 

John went over to take a photo on his cell phone.  When the man came out of the shop, he looked around to see where his car had gone.  He apparently had a broken driver’s side door handle, which was why he climbed out on the passenger side.  If the car had been put in park, which the driver was not certain he had done it would not have occured.  There is also possibility he knocked it out of park in exiting the car.  Regardless, when he saw where his car was, he immediately came over.
With John standing there, the man was very polite, apologetic, and willing to tender insurance/driver’s license, etc., information.   John phoned me to come to the parking lot. 

First off, to give the driver of the other vehicle the benefit of the doubt, he would not have known who owned the car his vehicle was resting against, nor where to begin to find the owner – me.

In today’s world many would have gladly entered their car and pulled away without leaving a note or attempting to locate the owner. 

The damage is not major, but the car had not a scratch on it and I have not had it for a year.   As it is, his insurance will pay to repair a broken fog light and the broken bumper. 

How many times do events like this play out without the successful resolution from which I will benefit?   Would you not agree Spirit was watching out for me?  At work in my life in a protective manner?  That was my first thought and where I sent my first “thank you” of gratitude.

Some of you will recall that I knew in the autumn of 2018 I was ready to upgrade vehicles, a task I do not enjoy doing.  I had asked my husband who is in Spirit to let me know when it was time to begin looking for a car by giving me a sign.  I even specified the sign I would accept and understand.  “Jim, when I should go to look for a car, please let me find a quarter face up so I will know.”  Then I took a couple of perfunctory drives through car lots without seeing anything that grabbed my attention.   I always did that on a Sunday afternoon when car dealers were closed, but didn’t see anything that struck my fancy, anyway. 

One morning in February of 2019 it occurred to me that I hadn’t done my part with an honest effort to find a car!  I remembered what I had told Jim about the quarter and reiterated to him that when I found it I would make a sincere effort to find a car.

The very next morning I looked down right on a quarter lying heads up at my feet.   Spirit was working.

I had a business appointment that day and after completing my business had the impression to drive through a nearby dealership on a whim, which I did.   Off to the side of the lot with a big NOT FOR SALE sign in the windshield I saw the first car that took my eye. 

Gee, I thought, and not for sale. Probably already sold.  I had made a list of what I wanted and did not want in a car.  Not Red, White, Black, Silver Gray, or Biege; sits high, heated driver’s seat, I liked the newer feature of the flashing light on the side view mirrors; a car that doesn't sit low to the road.  It would have to fit into my garage which while a 4 car has individual older and rather narrow sized doors.  There were several other things I thought would be nice.  This car was BROWN and a pretty shade of brown, to my eye.  It was an SUV but not a huge one.  Also, not the smallest one, the midsize, which would be fine for me.

While sitting parked, looking, and thinking, a salesman approached and tapped on my window.   The reason it wasn’t for sale is because it had just been turned in that morning from a three-year lease and hadn’t been gone over yet.

“Would I like to look at it?”  "Certainly!"  So, I parked, took a good look and asked if I could drive it.

He let me take it for a test drive, up the freeway and right to my garage, where I very carefully attempted to see if it would indeed fit through the door and into the length of my older garage.  It also has a backup camera which I trusted immediately and found was most helpful in the tight entry which is awfully close, with only about three inches on both sides of the mirrors, but it FIT!   I always back in so I can see as I am pulling out and the backup camera impresed me.

Apprehensive about the cost of an automobile that new, I was amazed at how smoothly things worked out and how reasonable the payments would be. This was the only car I looked at, so I hadn't test driven anything.  

Some would say coincidence, some might scoff.  To me all of these occurrences were Spirit led and blessed.

Oh, yes, and the gas leak back at the building was small and quickly repaired by the service man without even the need of a licensed plumber.

I am happy to report Spirit is alive, well and working in my life and for that I am thankful!

Take notice, keep notes of what Spirit does for you.  Appreciate their efforts.  Thank them for their assistance and thank Infinite Intelligence that you know and are grateful for their work in your life.

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