New Year 2021 By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM Sunflower Chapel Dayton, Ohio
December 26th, 2020 2:32 pm     A+ | a-
This last year, 2020, was a prime example of a year during which we experienced a gamut of emotions, unfortunately most of them negative.  Between a nation divided severely by politics, racial strife, and a rampant Pandemic over which we had no control, 2020 had us boxed in with that negative Numerological 4, socially distanced for 10 months, and primarily totally alone, especially for many of us who live alone, anyway.   

The Christmas Season was dampened by separation; families were not able to gather. 

How have these emotions impacted us?

Are we impaired?  Influenced by episodes in life over which we have had no control?   Have these experiences left us angry, hurting, scared, scarred, belligerent, defensive, weaker, and feeling vulnerable as well as being separated from close friends and family members?    

Have we have become impoverished emotionally?

This, then, is the time to turn to the God Force – Infinite Intelligence - for back up support.  I wonder if these things occur for that very reason!  Maybe it is all about getting our attention and how sad that the only time we reach out to be in touch with Spirit is when things are going horribly wrong and we need help.  Are you more kind, loving and considerate to your earthly parents than that?  Shame on you if you aren’t or weren’t. 

And how much more sad that you treat the life giving Source in this manner.

We should be working on controlling our emotions, attempting to be kinder to others when we meet them, socially distanced, of course!  We should be showing compassion for their pain, attempting to be encouraging and impowering toward them and understanding of their anguish.   

They do not know they could communicate with their lost loved ones; you do! 

It is also difficult with masked faces that cannot even expose a smile!

As Spiritualists we know the many who have transitioned due to the COVID-19 virus are not dead. Their physical presence will be missed but they will still be around us.  Most of the world is not aware of that blessing.  Aren’t we lucky to know and have had proof of that fact?

We are very fortunate to know what we know, have experienced what we have and understand things more deeply than most.  If we give in to feeling glum how on earth are those without our knowledge managing at all?

Let us attempt to be upbeat and work a bit more diligently to be a blessing to others during this time and in the future.

Jesus taught us to love the Heavenly God Spirit.  He demonstrated loving one another as we love ourselves.

May 2021 return to a year of normalcy for all and let us help keep things upbeat. 
Let that be our resolution as we enter the year to come.  Happy New Year!
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