God Lives and So Will We by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
March 21st, 2020 9:27 pm     A+ | a-
There isn’t any way to avoid discussion of the current state of affairs.  It is on everyone’s mind, on the media constantly and if you take the paper, it is on nearly every page.  The COVID-19, better known as “The Virus.”

Several folks have ventured this is the beginning of the end of the world as in Revelations – the last chapter of the Bible.  I made no comment, only listened.

In my mind every generation since the Bible was assembled has thought this or that catastrophe, every new illness, every crisis of each generation has brought the fear they were experiencing the end of the world.   

I always thought the world wouldn’t stop spinning just because I jumped on for this incarnation.  I still feel that way. 

Most Religions are based on fear; fear of God, fear of Hell, fear of disobeying the priests, Laws, Rules, Tenants of the Church, confessing sins, real, imagined, manmade or God made through the Ten Commandments.

As Spiritualists we steadfastly believe in a kind, loving, forgiving and compassionate Infinite Intelligence.  We know that force as a LOVING God. 

We realize major civilizations through the ages have risen and fallen.  The only constant is change.  Every day some souls are born, some folks transition to spirit, other people experience life changing events.  For someone, every single day, somewhere in the world, their world as they experienced it, ends.  It doesn’t end for everyone but it does change their lives possibly forever. 

These experiences are the lessons of life.  Hopefully they cause us to realize how very much we should desire to be closer to the Infinite God force, to live in a state of love and compassion as was taught in the New Testament which was Jesus’s major message throughout all of His teachings. 

Because of the mass media we – should I say enjoy? – are constantly inundated with updates, talking heads who analyze and restate in their own words repetitiously everything we have already heard a dozen times.  People become mesmerized with the negatives and fearful of the outcomes. 

The solution?  Yes, be informed and updated about once a day.  Then turn it off, tune it out, take a deep breath and give thanks you are alive and protected at all times by the Spirit of God.  Use proper precautions, wash your hands frequently, stay a reasonable distance from others and smile, speak or nod hello.  Live your life as an example of the trust you believe in and live without fear. 

We know we will all leave this physical body at some point and only Spirit knows how or when.  We also know we will live after our soul has left this body.  We will still be ourselves and will be with those we “lost” while on the earth plane. 

What is there to fear?  Life goes on and our souls will grow forward, here and hereafter.

That is our belief, our teaching, our understanding of how things work.

Go forth and live lovingly, with common sense, with decency and without fear. 

Our God lives! Because of that, we shall also live!  Rejoice that you are alive and will remain so. 
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