How Do Souls Spend Their Time? By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
October 30th, 2017 1:51 pm     A+ | a-

I ran across a little verse I would like to share it with you this morning.  The Author is unknown and the verse was not titled. 

I dreamed death came the other night

And Heaven's gate swung wide.
A glorious angel soon appeared

And ushered me inside.
And there to my astonishment

Were folks I'd known on earth.
Some I'd judged and found unfit

And some of little worth.
Indignant words rose to my lips

But never were set free.
For every face showed stunned surprise

No one expected me!

          As Spiritualists we do know everyone is “going to get there” – at some point we all make the transition to spirit.  Where we are when we arrive is strictly what we have earned by the life we have led, by the actions we have taken, by the deeds we have done – OR even the deeds we should have done and have left undone.  It is up to us.  My understanding of the process is that once there, we will have to do a review of our lives – with a higher entity guiding us through the process.  That entity is not judging us, merely guiding us through our remembrances and because the entity entrusted with the task is from a higher plane, they enlighten us as we look over our lives.  We make the judgment call upon ourselves – did we act spitefully instead of with kindness?  I perceive and have read that this entity has a gentle sense of humor, exhibits kindliness and love toward us and gently awakens us to our errors.  We then make the determination as to how we want to make restitution for our mistakes.  At that point we begin to go to classes of our choice – souls usually choose to study how to make their restitution starting in the Spirit World.  We may try to learn to guide those left on the earth plane or we may elect to work with those on lower planes than ours in the Spirit World.  Normally, there is not a reincarnation scheduled for us (we would not choose to leave the Spirit World to come back to the earth plane until all of those we loved and wanted to watch over and guide would arrive in Spirit with us.  It is normal that we would want to meet with them and enjoy that reunion and move ahead as a group again.)  It is true that we often work with the same souls in different capacities from life time to life time.  Many books have been dictated by Spirit teaching what happens when we leave the earth experience.  We are never forced to reincarnate – it is a free will choice, made because we understand it is faster and easier to overcome problems in a material setting than it is on the spiritual plane.  Contrary to popular belief, there is a Biblical reference to reincarnation in St. Matthew Chapter 17 verses 11 and 12.

          While in the spirit world we work as we have chosen and been guided in an area of our faults as dictated by the higher entity who works with us.  We have time between our lessons and the application of using them to try to lift other souls.  We are given resting points, vacations in spirit, as it would seem, to enjoy communication with other souls we have known before, to listen to concerts, read and study or just to relax, Spirit has emphasized that there are joyous gatherings and interactions with others in our Spirit group.   Then we are sent out to work on correcting some of our errors or expanding our knowledge of the lessons we have chosen.

          The first of the books I read on this subject was “The Strange Story of Ahrinziman” as told by Ahrinziman who dictated it through Marie Silvani;  another was “A Wanderer In the Spirit Lands” by Franchezzo who dictated through A. Farnese.  A more modern book written by Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D. is “After Death Communication” which is very well written but not quite as detailed.  I was surprised that Ahrinziman, the entity in the first book which was copy written in 1908 - by the time “A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” was dictated had become one of the main Higher Entities  and Master Teachers guiding Franchezzo through his studies.


          I realize I have not yet experienced the transition in this lifetime so I cannot speak with experience on the subject, however, I do feel I have a pretty good understanding of what will occur when I make that journey from these readings.  Anyone can find and read books on the subject but some of the older ones seem to have more depth. 


          As many of you have heard me mention, Dr. Michael Newton PhD has written several books explaining the experiences Souls have while in the spirit world and I would especially recommend his first book entitled “Journey of Souls” to anyone who is searching for answers.  

          One thing is certain; no matter what we do or how we handle our life lessons, we cannot go wrong by being loving and kind toward others. 

May Spirit always work closely in your life. 

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