Thursday is Thanksgiving By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
November 23rd, 2019 8:10 pm     A+ | a-
Thursday is Thanksgiving.  This year seems to have flown by quickly and for Dayton has certainly been eventful.  With the Memorial Day tornados, many folks are still displaced or struggling to regain their sense of home and security.  The August shootings in the Oregon District were also debilitating for many.  Just several weeks ago the shooting of a Police Officer stunned the area.  Our hearts go out to Officer Jorge Del Rio and his family.  Hopefully they will be able to feel his living presence on this special day.  I hope in your prayers you remember those who have suffered so much as well as expressing your sincere gratitude to Spirit for having been spared an active role in all of those misfortunes. 

Many of our personal lives or those close to us have had challenges.  Those are a natural part of the life experience.  The situations I first mentioned are far more devastating and difficult to comprehend or come to terms with for those involved. 
In spite of everything, we all have reasons to be thankful.  We are alive and staying as well as we possibly can with the help of Spirit.  We are able to share being together with our church family weekly so long as we make the effort to be here.  We are especially blessed to have this sanctuary as our haven.

Thanksgiving is normally a ‘family day’ which often includes close friends who would otherwise be alone.  Our family would sit around the table after the meal discussing those who were in spirit but whom we knew had joined us.  There were both tears and laughter often simultaneously as different memories and stories were shared.  It was our version of keeping family history alive.  Like many families, ours has shrunk rather than grown.  I have been especially blessed to have never been lonely because I was taught and realize the truth of the continuation of life and the ability to continue to interact daily with my loved ones.

It isn’t about the turkey, stuffing and pie.  It is about the sharing we experience, either with those on the earth plane or those who have moved to Higher Ground.  I hope you all have plans to be with someone whose company you enjoy.  If you won’t be joining friends on earth, take a minute to reminisce with those who have moved on.  Send them a loving thought, thank them for having been in your life.  Let them know you remember them and the happy times you shared.  You don’t have to be with a crowd to be grateful. 

Relax and bask in the love and closeness spirit brings to you on this special day.  You are not alone and have no need to feel loneliness for spirit is always with you.

In Spiritualism we recognize that every day we should give thanks.  Everyone we have ever known and loved is as close as our breath when we send them our thoughts, prayers and love. 

Instead of saying God be with you I will close by saying ALL loving spirit is always with you.  Give thanks for that special knowledge this Thanksgiving.
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