Church Message Work by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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Church Message Work

By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST

An integral portion of our Spiritualist service is the portion after the

lecture or sermon (the official determination being was the Bible or

another Holy Book quoted or not? If so, it is a sermon. If not, it is a

lecture!). This is called the message portion of the service where the

medium demonstrates the 5th of our Declaration of Principles – the one

stating “We affirm that communication with the so called dead is a fact,

scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.”

Sometimes we will have new folks visiting who aren’t familiar with

message work – maybe they have heard about it, maybe they are

curious about it but probably they haven’t ever EXPERIENCED it!

There are certain protocols concerning message work that should be


First off let us officially give the definition of a Medium: A Medium is

one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and

through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to

convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.

When a medium is working with spirit they try to raise their vibration as

highly as possible because the vibration of spirit is much higher than

the earthly vibration of the recipient medium so spirit must lower their

vibrations so that the two are able to reach a sort of middle ground

where human medium and spirit worker are in a communicative state.

Secondly it is important that no one for any reason walks in front of the

medium as that causes a break in the vibration. (Not to mention, it is

rude to do so and none of you are actually rude, simply uneducated in

our activities.) It can cause a physical shock to the medium who is

attempting to work with spirit!


Next, not everyone will receive a message every time they are

present. If your life is going along on an even keel perhaps this week

you won’t hear from spirit because someone else has a more urgent

need for a message validating the continuation of life after the

transition called death. Also, it is very important to listen to the

messages other folks receive – sometimes rather than singling YOU out,

the message someone else receives will fit very well the situation in

your life and you can apply what has been said. Spirit works for

everyone sometimes in mysterious ways. You can learn from what

someone else is told.

Another thing to remember is that if you are new or uncomfortable

with being singled out to receive a message – you do not have to

receive it! You may simply say “no thank you, not today.” That leaves

the door open when you return for spirit to attempt to reach out to you

when you are more familiar with our customs and are more

comfortable with spirit.

Spirit never means to embarrass you or make you uncomfortable in any

way. Mediums normally attempt to go first to folks who are familiar

with receiving messages. That allows newcomers to observe the

process so that it isn’t frightening if spirit attempts to reach them and

as the process evolves they will know how to react. Normally a

medium likes an audible answer as spirit picks up on your voice

vibration and can come through more strongly when they reach to


It is not unusual for you to not immediately “place” the message. It

may be from someone you knew years ago and haven’t thought of for

quite a while but the entity reaching through remembers you and is

pleased to touch back to you when they have the opportunity the

medium is providing. If you don’t immediately recognize the message

3 | P a g e

simply say, “I can’t place that now but I will hold it and work with

it. Thank you.” Perhaps the entity will stay around you and suddenly in

a few hours or a couple of days you will have the proverbial light bulb

pop on over your head and you will place both the person and the

message they were bringing!

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is not time in the spirit

world such as we on the earth plane experience. I had a vision many

years ago about a certain company here in Dayton being “gone.” I told

my husband who worked there about it and his reaction was “that

won’t ever occur.” I let the matter drop but never forgot the

vision. Believe it or not, approximately 20 years later the vision became

a reality - that company was not only gone from this region, the

buildings were demolished and the grounds were as grassy and vacant

as I had seen in the vision. My husband brought the topic up and said I

would never have believed this would happen but it has just as you saw

it years ago.

Spirit messengers are around and about us all the time but when we

start the message portion of our service the Mediums’ Control Guide

assists them if they aren’t familiar with the process. Many who come

weren’t Spiritualists on the earth plane but can see the Light of Spirit

working and gather to observe the process and learn from it. Some

may stand back for a while but as they become more educated about

the workings will often attempt to touch back at a later time.

Another thing to remember is that you may desire a message from a

certain person but that may not be the entity who comes

through. Also, if there is a heavy aura of grief around you it is more

difficult for spirit to come through – it is sort of like a deep “fog” around

you that blocks your reception and prevents spirit from entering your



Sometimes when spirit is very close there is an actual physical reaction

to the vibration which manifests with the recipient. Should they

become emotional or tear up allow them the privacy of receiving the

information without making them uncomfortable. If you have a clean

tissue you may unobtrusively offer it.

Normally messages bring happy or sometimes humorous memories and

keep the vibrations high. Sharing laughter in those instances is

perfectly acceptable!

We hope this will help you to better understand how to react and enjoy

the message portion of our services.

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