What is Your Favorite Part of Spiritualism? by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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Most all religions strive to teach us to become better, kinder, more loving and helpful individuals.  Most all religions embrace and teach a love of God, or as we call it, Infinite Intelligence; most all religions embrace Jesus, either as their Savior or as Spiritualists see Him, as a Master Teacher, whose life set an example we are to emulate and whose death clearly proved life after death.
I cannot speak of religions who embrace Jihad, or anything called a Holy War.  I don’t resonate with any religion that shows a lack of tolerance or even with a religion embracing total proselytization to the extent that they believe their road up the mountain is the ONLY road up the mountain.  My limited understanding cannot comprehend some of those ideals as being of anything resembling a kind loving Intelligent Spirit.
It would seem most religions do have their own specific agendas. 
And so it is with Spiritualism.  There are different facets to this religion:  healing, communication, soul growth, personal responsibility, the study of the philosophy of the religion; while other folks really enjoy the history of the religion, and many would concentrate on the phenomena whether physical or mental, to name just a few.  In recent years phenomena involving electronic devices has become an apparent source or method of communication and several people are very interested in pursuing that.  Of course, all these areas certainly depend on reading, studying and attempting to learn more about all of the religion and how everything interacts to form the whole. 
Also involved are dedication, time, meditation - while raising your vibration to the highest you are able and of course, with spirit working to reach down to the physical level which is a lower vibratory rate.
Each of us has our favorite area.  One person’s dearest love was working with physical healing.  Another enjoys the soul growth area.  Yet another man I knew enjoyed working with souls newly crossed to the spirit plane and trying to assist them toward the light.  I have been rather hung up on personal responsibility, also with working to assist folks who are attempting to make the transition from the earth plane to the spirit plane and who may not know how that is easiest to accomplish. 
I would ask you to think about what area of this religion is most interesting, arresting and intriguing to you.  There is no wrong or right answer of course, simply a personal preference.  Then I would inquire what you are doing to develop that area in your personal life. 
It is difficult to maintain an even balance in life.  It is also difficult to dedicate a specific time and devotedly work toward a spiritual goal.  In modern society with time demands of work, family, social media, a few relaxing evenings with the television or a good book – housekeeping, gardening, finding a few quiet minutes can be difficult, most especially if there are many people in and out of your life and home.
To accomplish your goal of learning to work with spirit in whichever way you select is your own choice but to gain anything you still have to spend the time and energy to read, study, meditate and learn to listen, which allows spirit to respond to you.  The intuitive feeling usually arrives in your solar plexus.  People sometimes refer to that as a gut feeling.  It is the seat of our conscience, the place where the God Force is registered most strongly. 
When you have become familiar with the way your teachers, guides or loved ones attempt to impress you – and for everyone that may be different, you should let them know you are in tune with their signals. 
You may feel the hair on your arm raise or a chill in a certain area of your body.  You may be shown mental images or visual pictures.  Your talent may be in hearing them either with your inner ear, in your mind or perhaps with a crack on the wall of the room near you.  As you acknowledge them and let them know they did make you aware of their presence, they will usually work along that particular line of communication until the two of you have it down smoothly. 
It normally holds true that messages you receive are NOT for you.  It is very difficult to remove enough of your ego and personal concerns to accurately receive information for yourself.  Normally the message is for another person or at least if it is for you, it usually will not be along material lines but rather along lines of spiritual growth. 
Many times if the message is for you it will come through a dream or vision.  Even then, interpretation is required to understand clearly what is being conveyed. 
I hope this helps clarify how spirit begins to work with you when you attempt to work with them.  Good luck and God bless.
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