What If There Is More Than One God? by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
March 4th, 2019 12:41 pm     A+ | a-
As many of you know, I read avidly.   Some things grab my attention, others I absorb and some I drop.
Today I would like to talk about some ideas that are rolling around in my mind.  Yes, they are seeds, planted by some of the books I have recently been reading.  Yes, they may sound pretty far fetched.  But, what if there is some truth in them?  What if we are only beginning to be capable of comprehending what life is really about?  Or how very far reaching things are?  Or how very many levels of understanding or spiritual planes or experiences we must endure to actually reach back to the oneness we believe we are supposed to achieve – oneness with the Infinite and Ultimate God Entity, or Spirit or Force of Intelligence which we fully acknowledge is beyond our comprehension yet today?  We realize we cannot comprehend infinity.  What if, now, through modern science and NASA’s space probing we discover there is much more to everything than we have ever dared to believe or imagine? 
Stop and remember that people living in Biblical Times or before and even for centuries later, could not even conceive of automobiles, trains, steam ships or airplanes, much less jet airplanes that travel faster than the speed of sound: now we have rockets, space travel to the moon, Mars and beyond, exploring devices that gather information from only NASA has any idea of how far out in space, just as an example.
What if the wheels, which were things people recognized for carts and chariots in Biblical times were words they knew but the things they were describing in Ezekiel Chapter 1 were actually space ships coming in the sky?  Looking like saucers, perhaps or giant wheels manned by people or entities?  They couldn’t have described them, could they?  They couldn’t even conceive of flying at that point in history.    I read that a scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base took those dimensions from Ezekiel and built what had been described in a scale model and that what he ended up with was like the space ship UFO’s that we have many accounts of starting in the 1950’s?  That description was in one of Jess Stearns’ books.
What if, just as a thought to roll around n your head and since we realize Natural Law dictates that it takes a male and female to impregnate a woman (or at least until modern science in very recent years started in vitro fertilization, which we have been hearing a lot about lately); what if Mary was impregnated by a space person instead of the Holy Ghost?  What difference would it make to us today?  Jesus was the result.  Jesus came from a Higher Source, regardless of exactly HOW that came to be.  Jesus came to end the era of burnt sacrifices, the eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth type of mentality and to teach love, both for yourself and for those around you.  Would it actually make any difference HOW he got here?  What if some Spiritual Force beyond our comprehension saw that the earth wasn’t progressing according to the plans originally set forth and utilized a method incomprehensible to those people on the earth plane but which altered the whole course of history by sending the Master Teacher Jesus – by whatever method that worked – to change the course of this earth?
 What if there really IS more than one God?  Would it make any difference to you or to me?  What if there are, as science is discovering, many more Galaxies, many more Planets, many more Milky Way types of manifestations, many more areas inhabited by intelligent living beings, whether in a form we  humans recognize or in other forms which we are unable to recognize at this point in time?  Mankind is searching for intelligent life, basically as we know it or recognize it.  Would we recognize it if we found it and it didn’t take water and oxygen to exist?  Those are the criteria that make life – as we know it   - possible.  That doesn’t mean that life can’t exist in other forms, does it?  It simply makes it beyond our comprehension according to our understanding at this point in time.
As we have discussed previously religion is Man Made.  We gather together to share in the Spirit of Infinite Intelligence, not to be told what to do or how to think by any priest, minister, reverend, pope or preacher.  We gather together because we learned in Matthew Chapter 18: Verse 20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  What if the God that we have been taught and conditioned to believe in – One God – were not the ONLY God?  What if there are many levels or layers of God Force just as those of us who accept the theory or idea of reincarnation realize there are many levels or layers of understanding from which we learn and which we earn by our actions.  What if there are as many levels of God Force, each God governing its own planetary assignment and reporting to yet another and higher entity over a galaxy and yet to another Governing level which we cannot even begin to imagine?
Is it possible there are many Gods or layers of Infinite (again, unlimited) Intelligence (or knowledge) ascending up all those layers of evolution? 
Michael Newton, PhD, who wrote Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls and who began his vocation as a atheist, but segued into the retrogressions of people in his psychiatric practice and ended up working with souls between lives and investigating those who are readying to reincarnate; in the process, the Board of Elders who do the investigations with the souls into the lessons they are deciding to work in their next incarnation and whom every person reports they have appeared before when they make this decision, this board of Elders do not claim to be either Jesus or God or to have even met Jesus or God.  Michael Newton has asked questions of both the people he is working with and the entities of the boards of Elders.  He states plainly that neither he nor any of the people he has worked with, NOR the Elders on those boards has ever admitted meeting with God – or Infinite Spirit or even Jesus.   They always defer reverently to the next level above them – and the level above that. 
I don’t think we have any ability to understand how any spheres and levels there are.  On the other hand, does it really make any difference to us, here today?  We know we are to strive to be better people on a daily basis.  We know we are supposed to live emulating or trying to be like the last and greatest Master Teacher spirit has provided us on this earth plane; Jesus.  We know God or Spirit or whatever Infinite Intelligence runs this show – has taught us to be kind and loving.  We know it really doesn’t matter to us at our level of understanding how things all fit together so long as we live in accordance with our beliefs and teachings.
Today was just a way of expressing how very vast things are and how very much we all still have to learn.  I think about these things and I am certainly not asking you to believe them.  I am only voicing them to stimulate your minds and activate your curiosity toward how Great Spirit is and how very far reaching the manifestation of God seems to have grown even in our finite world.  One hundred years ago the work Michael Newton is doing would have been called blasphemy.  Now it is an understandable work and has converted him from atheism to a believer. 
The old saying “what the mind can perceive and follow and believe, man can achieve” has never been more true than it is today.  Expand your mind and your beliefs.  Touch into the Great Spirit, at whatever level you are able and take from it what you can learn and put into use.  Apparently this journey we are all on is going to be a much longer trip and a greater adventure than we ever realized.
I want to close with a verse from an inspirational poem written by William Ernest Henley.  You all have heard it but I think it bears repeating:  The title of the poem is "Invictus"  
I am the master of my fate.  I am the captain of my soul.  Isn’t that wonderful? 

God IS.  That is all we really have to know. Believe in the infinite intelligence that has put this all in place.  Work with it as best you can.  God bless you, each and every one.
freestone wilson
October 21st, 2019 7:45 am

I have read, and i feel is true, that When God created the universe and his Sons were born, yes Sons. Sons of God. there is one for each planet that has ensouled beings. the Source actually gave a number, 700,000 sons in our galaxy. and most sons manage more then one planet. our Sons is called the Christ. but that is *our* name for Him. He probably has a 1000 names or more, depending upon the culture and historic times. So i see no problem with "multiple Gods"! there is One God but many Sons. "creator Sons", the Urantia book says. and Satan can only copy, not create.
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