God is Alive and Works with Us Today by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
December 1st, 2018 8:14 pm     A+ | a-
On a recent Sunday as those who were here experienced, we had a circle instead of a “regular church service.”   A circle is often referred to as séance.  Regardless of what it is called, it is an important part of our belief system.  It will occur when the time is right on a Sunday morning.  It doesn’t occur frequently but when the impression is strong and the situation is right we just do it.  It is as important as a talk or lecture or sermon could ever be. 

Several had never experienced that situation before but seemed comfortable with it.  First off one person received a message about being aware, alert and careful when driving.  Conversation after the circle indicated that the person experienced the thrill of spirit.  To me, that is the most impressive experience I know of that Infinite Intelligence is always with us and works with us daily if we allow it. 

Secondly, if that experience in the message has occurred – or may YET occur, we did not program it, God Force brought the warning for that person to be careful as a way of protection.  With a warning comes the knowledge that we can prevent a mishap or accident if we heed the information Spirit has brought.

Thirdly, Spiritualists do not ever tell you what to believe about God.  We do tell you to work with spirit, test spirit and learn for yourselves.

 Our religion is aware that everyone is on a spiritual path and everyone is at a different PLACE on that path.  Many mainstream religions tell you to believe this or that.  Accept their understandings, follow their beliefs. Trust in God.  Spiritualism does NOT do that.  We DO teach that there is a definite God Force or Infinite Intelligence,  We also teach that you don’t have to accept anything on faith alone.  We tell you upfront that we do not have all the answers.  We don’t believe anyone does.  We teach you to learn for yourselves, accept what “fits” you, reject what turns you off and “table” what you are uncertain about.  Later, as we grow forward, we revisit the uncertain areas and accept or reject them according to the gut feeling your personal relationship with GOD impresses you to do. 

One thing is certain, once you have had your own personal experience with Spirit, you won’t be able to pluck it out and say it isn’t real.  God is real and very much alive.  God is alive today just as much as in the Biblical times.  God also WORKS with us today just as strongly and forcibly as God worked in the Bible if we work with Spirit and allow it to work with us.

We do not proselytize or go out and attempt to drag folks in to believe what we teach.  We realize:  “When the student is ready a teacher appears, sent by God Force to lead us up another step on the way of understanding and growing back to being one with God.”  All of us are teachers.  When someone is experiencing things and they open up and confide in us, that is when Spirit leads us to explain to our best ability how things work as we understand them.  Then, if they are ready to learn, they become interested on their own and grow forward toward understanding what we attempt to teach and exhibit.  Exhibit may not be the correct word but we do not ever ask anyone to accept on FAITH what we KNOW is GOD AT WORK TODAY.  If nothing else ever comes from our Sunday meetings my goal is that at least once in a while in our church/sanctuary everyone has the opportunity to actually personally experience the THRILL of SPIRIT and personally feel for themselves – the reality that spirit is near – That is something they will never be able to deny – God IS alive, Spirit IS with us, every day of our lives. 

I know one lady in this group who took up the offering on a Sunday and we blessed the offering that allows to stay in this facility – who confided in me later that she had never had that feeling before.  It has nothing to do with me.  It has to do with God Force.  I was thrilled for her that she actually felt that special feeling that proves to each of us as it occurs – God is alive and works with us if we allow it.  That is what it is all about.  Bringing the realization that GOD IS WITH US.  Each of us, every day of our lives.  We are NEVER alone.  Spirit loved ones are still alive, still with us, they are able to learn to communicate with us, and we work diligently to bring ONLY what we are impressed to give and then to shut up.  Mediums do not attempt to explain messages, we do not try to place the information.  We only give exactly what we receive.   It is us to the individual to “place the information” and utilize it to their own highest ability. 

It has been a while since we have had the opportunity for a circle in church and I think everyone enjoyed the experience.  When the time is right we will do that again. 

God bless all of you.  Thank you for being exactly who you are.  I have always been grateful everyone gets along together so well.  I think that is a special blessing!

Be joyous in the presence of God.  Our God is a loving God – enjoy knowing that Spirit!
February 16th, 2019 8:58 am
I love Circle. It's my favorite part of Spiritualist activities, next to unfoldment classes. Thanking you for the lovely story. God bless.
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