Deal With GOD! by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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The Bible addresses many things.  One of the most frequently written is that we should love the Lord, our God, with all our hearts, with all our minds and with all our souls.  Those words, commandments, really, are written in nearly every book of the Bible.
       As Spiritualists, we frequently work with spirit and that is wonderful.  But, we should always remember to seek to work with the highest entity of which we are capable of attracting.  It is good, therefore, that we speak of and TO Almighty God, or Infinite Intelligence, in prayer, in supplication, and that we glorify the God Spirit that gives us the breath of life.  We realize that God has appointed angels, teachers, healers, guides and loved ones to be in touch with us but we should still seek to be in touch with the One Great God Force, above all others, and accept those whom THAT Force sends to work with us.  It is not right to glorify our teachers, or healers, our guides, our loved ones.  Thank them, yes; appreciate them, yes; but always aspire to the highest power there is; the Great God Spirit that made everything; that inspires the angels, teachers, and guides who are able to reach into our vibratory levels.    
       If you recall, the Master Teacher of all times, Jesus, prayed and talked with His Father, who was in heaven.  He did not ask for angels, guides, or any other spirit to assist Him.  He prayed directly to the Source of it all:  His Father, in Heaven.  Should we do less?  If we ask for the Highest Force, the God Force to assist us with healing or teaching, God will send us the highest Power we can attain.  It raises our vibration level to the utmost level of teachers or spirit helpers we are capable of working with and learning from.  We won’t attract anything lower than the best force available to us.
       I suppose that is why I like the working song Higher Ground.  I am trying to ask for the best available to my ability of understanding.  You should also ask only for the best when you are tuning in to work with Spirit.  That doesn’t mean you need to use that particular song or thought but something that you vibrate with – a vision of the ocean’s waves, a mountain top or many peaks, whatever is most inspirational to you, perhaps a quiet lake scene or meadow.  Whatever brings you to a level of peacefulness and serenity when tuning into the God Force.  It is different for each individual.  We do know that we have to raise our vibratory level to tune in to the God Force and that Spirit has to lower it’s vibration to the level of the earth plane to make contact.  
       I am not saying it is incorrect to acknowledge the workers sent to you – do be in contact with them.  Do call them by name in your mind.  But always be aware that they are sent by the God Force to work with you and you need to reach up to make that contact with them complete.
       It is necessary to be quiet and withdraw from the daily activities, to settle yourself and center your energies.  It is good to drop any anxieties, cares or worries and to attempt to be joyous and filled with gratitude in your heart when you are attempting to tune into the God Force.  After all, God deserves your best attention if you are going to be asking for help of any kind.  You automatically give your best and most focused attention to other activities in your life – your exercise or dance class, your challenges at work, your conversations with friends, your golf game, the new recipe you are making, that poker game and whether to draw or stand pat, that pool shot where you are intently concentrated on missing the eight ball while sinking the ball you are shooting for - what ever you are engrossed in doing at any particular time.  Doesn’t God deserve that same consideration, especially since you couldn’t do anything else at all without His breath of life in your body?
       We take our lives, our bodies, our activities pretty much for granted.  We expect the sun to come up or the rain to fall.  Think about how your hands move to grasp things without your ever having given that movement a thought.  Many people – those who perhaps have had strokes, auto injuries, war injuries, whatever – cannot do those things that we, here in this church this morning – do without a thought.  We often allow ourselves to be down hearted or depressed about this or that.  Do we ever think about the very real blessings we have?  We sometimes feel God doesn’t interact in our lives.  Do we take the time to spend thinking about the things we do have?  We should take the time – and I am as guilty as or more so than any of the rest of you here today – to really talk with God or think about the very real blessings we have in our lives. 
       All of the things I just mentioned are things we don’t think much about – and we also don’t think very deeply when we try to tune into Spirit and ask for them to work with us.  We should think about God – daily – and even more so when we are asking for Spirit to teach us or to assist us in sending healing to this one or that one – we can not expect God to be at our beck and call if we do not include Him in our everyday lives.  Think about that. If we treated our friends the way most of us treat God, how long would they stay friends with us? 
       I think what I am trying very diligently to get across to you today is that if you want better manifestations from the God Force, and from the Spirit helpers around you, you need to take the time to be in contact with the Infinite Intelligence more regularly.  You can do it in your mind while you are on hold on the telephone.  You can do it many ways during your normal day.  If you are sending thoughts to Spirit at all – your guides or teachers, you should also lift your thoughts to the Highest and most Perfect Source of them all.  Think about and talk with God.  Strive to include thoughts of God in your daily lives.  Then, when you want to tune in to Spirit you will surely experience a better contact and achieve better results.  Infinite Intelligence will never disappoint you.  You are always loved and your prayers are heard.  God Loves YOU.
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