How to Learn to Work with God Force by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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God Force is always around and with us.  Every moment of our lives, Spirit is with us.  Talking with Infinite Intelligence and receiving answers may seem impossible but it really is easy.  Yeah, for YOU!

When you desire to talk with Infinite Intelligence, the God Force – or spirit in any form, - Angels, Ascended Masters, guides, loved ones – perhaps your parent or grandparent, or a spouse, anyone with whom you were close and with whom you confided and trusted for guidance, it is important to know and fully realize that they all have one thing in common.  Spirit is with you, listening to you and willing to assist you in any way it is able. 

Most of us make it a lot more difficult than it really needs to be.  Talk with Spirit just as you would speak to one another.  If alone, speak out loud to them.  Otherwise, send them your thought, they can hear thoughts, too.

One of the reasons I personally have a problem with “FORMAL PRAYERS” - Spirit, God Force, is neither deaf nor unintelligent; Spiritualists actually refer to the God Force as INFINITE INTELLIGENCE or unlimited knowledge because we realize we can’t fully comprehend how masterful and unbounded that Great Spirit is!  A heartfelt prayer in simple everyday language is more likely to be heard than repetitiously repeated recitations mumbled by rote or from memorization.

It is always helpful to be able to quiet yourself – and we attempt to assist you on Sundays with our meditative time to understand how quickly you can tune in to a quiet time.  That isn’t difficult, either. 

Simply address Spirit with respect and sincerity.  Spirit will hear and attempt to assist.   If you are not sure of how your answers will come, tell Spirit what would work for YOU.  Perhaps a certain symbol, flower, song, bird or animal would “work” for you – TELL spirit that to you, for instance, a cardinal or redbird would mean yes, you should do whatever you are inquiring about and if you do not see or hear a cardinal/redbird within a specified time frame, realize that the answer is “no.”  YOU can set up the parameters so both you and Spirit know the rule or situation that will work for YOU.  If driving, perhaps on the radio a certain song could bring your response.  It is through these small exercises used consistently and frequently that you will begin to receive information from Spirit that will be like your own personal Morse code with them.

Don’t make it more difficult than it should be.  It doesn’t have to be big and earth shaking. Some folks may hear in dramatic ways but most of us don’t.   Be open and receptive to the way Spirit responds.  Most importantly don’t try to be manipulative with Spirit to get your own way.  Get your personal desire out of the way and allow Spirit to bring what is for your highest and best good, ask for that in prayer and then act accordingly.  

Perhaps seeing a butterfly or certain flower would make you think of change.  Then consistently, when you ask about changes, ask that you be shown a butterfly or that particular flower as your confirmation. 

Okay, men don’t think in terms of butterflies and flowers, so perhaps a certain colored sport car or brand or model of a favorite vintage auto would work better for you.  You, male or female, can set the terms of the “sign” from God Force or Spirit to show you what would work for you best.  You are simply telling Spirit how you would most easily understand their answer. 

Working with Spirit is like working with wood or an instrument – the more you practice the better you and Spirit become.  Part of that is because Spirit learns to know what you expect and will understand as their response and part of that is you releasing the prayer and looking for their sign or symbol.  The more consistent you are with your symbol the easier it is for them to show it to you.

We live and breathe by the grace of God – our chests rise and fall automatically, inhaling, exhaling; our blood circulates perfectly without us having a care or having to direct it through our bodies.  Infinite Intelligence – the God Force causes this to occur normally and naturally.  If we ask, telling Spirit what will “work” for us - God will interact with our mind just as normally and naturally.  If we ask and state how we expect a response, then listen or look for that response, it will occur. 

Frequently we will find that communing with nature, enjoying a lovely sunset or thrilling with a hard driving rain can be a spiritual experience.  Weather is masterful – man cannot control nature regardless of how many instruments we have developed – we know man cannot even be totally accurate in predicting the weather – only Infinite Intelligence can control weather.  I find that positively exciting.  I decry destructive weather – I have great respect for wind and the damage it can create – but I also realize the many ways humans are affected and the life lessons they learn through violent weather.  Ask anyone who has experienced firsthand the terror of a tornado or hurricane.  People may lose everything they own but are grateful they are alive.  In the physical world there are tangible items we are sentimental about and that loss affects us.  These are all learning experiences. 

So also is learning to work with Spirit.  It is up to us to ask God for help and if you are one who doesn’t hear the response, then ask for a response you will understand.  Specifically tell Spirit how you will know and give Spirit the opportunity to learn to work with you.  Don’t try it one time and say it won’t work.  Try it consistently with the same requested response and give Spirit time to learn what you will understand.  If that response doesn’t come within the stated time frame, realize the answer for your highest and best good may be a simple “NO.”  Accept that as your answer. 

Regardless of the manner in which we learn and grow, give Spirit the opportunity to learn how they may best communicate with you.  Then, simply listen and look around you for the response you requested.  Spirit will bring it, either way.  You will more easily learn to work with the God Force in this manner.

God Bless you as you learn to listen and work with Spirit.
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