The Law of Attraction by Rev. Frances D.Montgmery, CM, NST
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In Spiritualism we often refer to Natural Law.  There are a number of Natural Laws and I thought I would address some of them today.  I pulled out my references and realized that I couldn’t cover them all in one talk. 

Some of the Physical Natural Laws include the Law of Acceleration.  This law is found basically in two scientific disciplines; BIOLOGY AND PHYSICS; in biology, it refers to the fact that the more important a structure or organ is to the physical being, the sooner it develops.  In physics, it means that an increase in velocity is equivalent to acceleration.   

The Law of Conservation of energy is a principle in physics.  This law states that matter and energy are interchangeable and the total amount of energy and matter in the universe is constant.  In other words, matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed but merely changed from one form to the other.  We live in an orderly universe. 

The Law of Gravitation is the law of force exerted by the Earth’s mass on all objects within its sphere of influence.  This force causes all bodies to fall toward the center of the Earth and also keeps all objects from flying off the face of the Earth.  It is also the force that determines the measurement of physical weight.  This is indeed a law essential to our ordered physical existence.  Without it, life as we know it could cease to exist.   

Some Spiritual Natural Laws would include the Golden Rule, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, The Laws of Compensation, Retribution, Continuity, Harmony, Thought and Truth.   

For today let’s consider the Law of Attraction.  The Spiritual aspect of this law suggests that like tends to attract like.  People of similar qualities are naturally drawn together, whether it is on an intellectual level or concerned with basic interests; it can be automobile racing and the mechanics of vehicles or the study of space and astronomy.  This law is also at work with spiritual influences that surround us, for again, like attracts like.  This law is one of the most obvious Spiritual laws because it can be easily seen in everyday life.  An old saying that refers to this law is “Birds of a feather flock together.”   

The Law of Attraction usually causes us to find mental or emotional stimulation with others on a par with our own abilities and desires.  The Law of Attraction also is evident in schoolrooms – students who enjoy a subject and have a talented teacher on the topic usually are drawn to learn more and will participate more actively with that educator.  It also explains what I have tried to say about the guides and teachers in your spiritual band.  They are ahead of your understanding so they can guide and lead you if you heed your gut instincts.  They are attracted to be with you from the spirit side of life just as they would be on the earthly side of life.  Their interests align with things that interest YOU.  Their basic morals and beliefs align with yours and they grow forward in their tasks of working with you so that they can stay enough ahead of you to continue working with you and assisting you to become a better person.  Their sense of humor and temperament is like your sense of humor and temperament.  The Life Lessons you are working on may have been the same Life Lessons they worked on in their last incarnation so they have experienced and understand your experiences and how you react to them.  That is how they are able to assist you to do and be better people. 

Talk with spirit everyday – at least in your mind – your neighbor would think you are daffy if you hold the conversations out loud while pruning the roses.  On the other hand, in your own home it is fine to speak aloud to spirit.  Do so to increase your interaction with them.  This is how we learn to work with spirit!
God Bless.

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