How Do You Accept Healing? By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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Everyone thinks they would like to be healthy.  Everyone will tell you they want to be whole, pain free, completely well.  Everyone desires healing - for whatever reason.

My question is to you is how do you accept healing?  We know Infinite Intelligence is capable of healing every area in every way.  If you have received healing, and you feel better than you did prior to receiving it, how do you accept it?   Do you assess your body energetically, saying  "Yes! - Thank you Spirit, I feel much better?"  Or do you say "Yes, I feel better right now but I can only hope that lasts?"  Or, perhaps you might respond, "I  feel that was a complete healing but I still have some twinges of pain so it probably didn't really work."

We know there are some folks who rather enjoy the attention and sympathy illness provides them.  They know the doctors say there is no cure for this or that but it can be treated with medication.  Illness  sometimes becomes a badge of martydom and long suffering that can be worn "courageously."  I cannot address that - every soul is at a different level of development and understanding and I have no intention of judging anyone. Sometimes illness brings life lessons for those who are ill while sometimes it brings life lessons to the care givers.  It can create many adjustments in the attitude and personality of both individuals.

Some of you might recall the year of sciatica I had a while back.  I even realized I had brought the situation on myself by not listening to my body when I knew I should quit working. I only had about 30 inches of distance in my yard work to complete the project. Stubbornly I persisted and finished the entire job.

Sciatica is not life threatening.  It is simply horribly painful and frequently surgery is an option.  I saw a doctor, was in traction then accepted physical therapy.  Finally, I paid an acupuncturist to stick needles into my body to help me overcome my problem.  My insurance wouldn't cover it.  I learned that I will never again pay anyone to stick needles into my body for any reason.  It hurt and it did not help, no matter how desperately I wanted it to alleviate my problem!  After the session, when the acupucturist forgot to remove two needles from my head, I decided I had enough of that!  I also knew in my heart and soul that I was not a candidate for surgery.  I would be healed somehow, but not through surgery.  I wish I had thought things through at that time and had looked at it in the manner I am writing about now.

Eventually, my back did heal and the situation totally released.  Thankfully, it has never recurred and I pray it never will.  Also, I do tend to pay much better attention when my body sends me messages now.  I do not work to finish a job simply because there isn't  "that much more to do."  I quit when my body tells me to quit.  The work will wait for another day.

Healing has to do with BELIEVING  -  knowing and accepting without question.  Healing has to do with positive thinking - the old Claude M. Bristol "Magic of Believing" principle.  It you are able to accept healing totally, knowing that you are completely healed and that your body or situation IS much improved, you will facilitate the healing.  If you can hold that thought and realization until the next healing opportunity, keeping your body and mind in a stage of acceptance, then the next healing session will continue to improve you again.  You didn't get into that condition in one day.  When you wake up the next morning, are you able to refrain from assessing your body in a negative manner?  Say, "Thank You, Spirit, I am totally healed. I feel much better today than I did yesterday."  That type of thinking refreshes and reinforces the healing you have received, and adds strength to it for the coming day.

We know thoughts are (or become) things.  Therefore, when we continue in a positive manner, we are working toward positive results.  If we do not continue in a positive manner, we will not continue to receive positive results.

An older friend has had several physical problems lately.  We understand the body can wear down with age.  That is one way the Infinite works to assist us in preparing to leave the physical earth plane.  Eventually, we often have enough pain or illness to just want to give up and  go to Spirit.  We are tired of pain and tired of struggling to overcome it.  We submit to the Infinite and make our transition to the spirit side of life.

If, however, our desire is strong enough and our belief is sincere and energetic enough, we can often overcome things to continue on the Earth Plane.  Many people go to bed and never wake up in their physical body.  That is a major blessing.  My friend has strong faith and has worked diligently to prevent the macular degeneration in her eye from worsening.  She has prayed and believed strongly that her eye would be healed and that the doctor would be amazed at her recovery.  On her last doctor's trip, she was so pleased that things had not worsened  but had improved so much that she didn't need another shot in her eye.  That is the result of healing and positive thinking --- knowing and believing that healing had taken place.  Trusting that Spirit has done what was promised is very powerful.

This person also has had problems with painful spinal arthritis causing difficulty with walking and in moving around.  That pain can be consuming.  We "know" that doctors have no cure for arthritis.  Medications can sometimes relieve the pain - when they work.  She has concentrated on her eye situation because becoming blind is more frightening to her than using a walker.  Would accepting total healing possibly make any difference?   Infinite Intelligence is NOT  limited to healing only those diseases or disabilities that doctors can or cannot cure!

No one has all of the answers.  Each of us has the same direct hotline to the Infinite.  Do you use it?  Do you tune in and attempt (to the best of your ability) to work with it?  Do you totally accept and cling as tenaciously to the healing Spirit has brought you as you have clung to the pain?

We attempt to work with whatever message Spirit has been led to offer us and with the information they use to enlighten us --- to the best of their ability to offer and our ability to receive.  Our goal is to live life in a better manner and to be able to work with spirit daily.  Our goal is to invoke, ask, invite, the Infinite Intelligence into our lives for this day and every day.  We also ask that we receive information from Spirit clearly enough to use it effectively.  Do you do this for yourselves?

If you know and accept that healing permeates your entire being --- mind, body and soul --- you will find the results are more lasting.
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