Life Goes On by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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  Thankfully, it seems spring has finally arrived.  Not just the date on the calendar that makes it official but the small green sprouts of the early flowers that peep through as quickly as they are able and cheer us with their vibrancy and color.  Spring is a time of renewal.  Just as Christmas season brings out better treatment of others, spring should awaken our sense of joy in life and the continuation of growth.  The trees begin with a rising of sap that forces the emergence of leaves.  These occurrences are the result of Natural Law.  Infinite Intelligence manifests the renewal of life on earth just as the spirit world follows Natural Law and proves the continuation of the life of our soul.  The trees always continue to be what they were – a maple tree renews as a maple tree or an oak tree grows oak leaves and acorns.  This, in its own way, teaches that as life continues as it was so does the soul continue as it was.  Souls are individual and continue on the Spirit Side of life in the same manner they had grown while on the earth plane.

We believe the doorway to reformation is never closed to any soul here or hereafter.  Just as there are many mansions according to Jesus when speaking about the Spirit World so are there many levels where souls enter into spirit.  We are sent to the level we have achieved through our earthly lives – our actions toward others, our kindness or selfishness.  We will receive exactly what we have earned or given forth, regardless of our status while on earth. 

Speaking of new growth, I have an experience to relate.  It could open you to working and growing interactively with your guides and teachers.  Several weeks ago I lost an earring.  It just happened to be one of my favorite earrings, French wire so they are easy to put on in a hurry, just sort of grab and go and they do well with everything.

I had asked a friend who is an excellent clairvoyant.  She thought I would find it but didn’t have a real feel as to where, perhaps it had caught on my clothing. 

I hadn’t taken out trash or newspapers for the week – I frequently lay my jewelry on the dining room table until I go upstairs at night and thought it might have gotten caught up in a newspaper – “or something” – so yesterday I spent the day going through the papers, sheet by methodical sheet.  No earring.  I put on my “pick up doggy do” plastic gloves and went through the trash methodically.  No earring.  I had asked my husband in spirit, Jim, to help me, and he usually is very good at locating lost items.  I did feel I would find it but had no idea where.  Doing dishes I picked up another friends’ name and called her.  I hadn’t talked much about it as I thought if it came in a message I would know spirit had brought the information.   My friend immediately received information that I could identify.  She “saw a blue rug and a baseboard.”   I don’t have much of anything blue in my home but my bathroom IS navy blue and white and I have a blue rug by the tub. 

 Later, when I went up to get ready to go out last evening I went to pick up a dust bunny at my claw foot tub and there, about half way up the tub toward the plumbing part was my earring, right against the baseboard.  I swear I had run the dust mop under that tub several times but had not seen that earring nor pulled it out.  It was there, nevertheless and I was thankful to Spirit for its return.  HOW it got under the tub, that far up, is beyond me but I think its’ return did several things; first off, if my friend lacked confidence in her guides, it strengthened her trust in her ability to receive communication from spirit. 

Secondly, while I had meditated about it, it proves beyond a doubt that you are to give what you get – attempting to receive for yourself seldom works well – it is too difficult to get yourself out of the way, to hear what spirit is trying to give you.  I somehow knew I would find it – eventually – but when?  Your work with spirit is normally better when you are working for someone else.

A Lady phoned who had been hearing music, sounds and voices she could not understand.  She was becoming concerned that she was losing her mind.  She has been fighting depression, health issues, a major water line break back in February that has caused much damage in her home amongst several other concerns.  It came to me to suggest that she should speak out loud to spirit when these things occur and then listen; she should also lie in bed at night after seeing herself in the protection of the White Light of the Infinite Intelligence with the arm she does not normally write with held up at the elbow for a little while before settling down for sleep.  With the index finger extended and pointed out like a pencil, that she should be still, quiet her mind and if she felt the impulse to move her hand or her index finger as if she were writing, let it move however it would.  The motion may start with push pulls or ovals used when you were a child and were practicing for cursive writing.  It may then go into forming letters.  At first you may not receive actual words but when spirit gets accustomed to using your hand freely you may find that this is an easy way to begin communication with spirit.  She phoned to happily say she first received the word "Mom" and now feels her mother was bringing sounds to her that she couldn’t understand but that she no longer feels so alone.  She isn’t yet actually communicating freely but will continue working with this method to try to grow forward in the ability to talk with her mother.  She had been the only care giver for over 6 years for her mother and has felt so terribly alone since her Mom transitioned. 

Spring is the season of new growth; open yourselves to new ideas and new ways of growing and working with spirit.  No one receives information in the same way and this may be one way of attempting to grow forward.  If you have another idea that worked for you when you first began tuning in, share that idea with us as it may also work for someone else who hasn’t been able to work with more traditional methods. 

Just as plants share their new vitality and the beauty of their growth with others as they unfold, so should you also share what you receive that others may grow forward, too.

May God bless you on your journey.
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