When You Die by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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How any of you have thought through what occurs after death? 
According to the information I have read and been taught you do attend your own services, whether celebration of life or funeral,  observing those whom you have loved and left on the earth plane as you attempt to become oriented to where you are at that point; still alive but unable to interact with those whom you know.  This is a way of teaching the living soul who just left the earthly body that they are no longer on the earth plane.  If you understand reincarnation you know you will meet those who made the transition before you who will welcome you and take you to your “location” in the spirit world. 
Reincarnation teaches that we travel in “soul groups” and may be related in different manners from one lifetime to another.  We may change sexes and will probably be in different relationships but will continue to interact.  Therefore, the person (soul) who was your spouse in this lifetime may be in a different position of your life in the next incarnation.  Perhaps they will come as a sibling, parent, friend, or cousin in the next lifetime.  For this to occur, souls must become individualized in the spirit world and spouses will become separated in that relationship although still in a loving manner.  Two experiences I have personally had with this situation came to me in visions.  My husband’s son indicated he and his wife were divorced “now” and my Mom also indicated she and my Dad were divorced. 
Mom and Dad had a good marriage, sired and reared three daughters and our family was closely knit and bonded with love.  However, after her passing she appeared in a vision to me and said ‘I am divorced now.”  Somehow that didn’t upset me and I understood it was “okay.”

If there is divorce after death, what occurs when WE arrive in spirit?  Will Mom and Dad, who may not have been actual soul mates and are divorced in spirit as they follow their separate soul paths, - will they be there to meet us when we arrive?  If not, who will meet us?  What if one of them or even both of them have reincarnated?  How will it be when we arrive? 
First off, when a soul reincarnates, it doesn’t bring all of its total energy with it when it leaves the spirit world.  A portion of the soul energy stays behind, according to Dr. Michael Newton’s information.  So a portion of the soul energy is there when we arrive.   Reference “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, PHD, which contains an excellent wealth of information written understandably for the novice. 
Also, if the couple had stayed together, worked things out, as it were, during their lifetimes, yes, they will be together to meet us.  They will recognize us and we will recognize THEM as our lifetime on earth parents, which they had been.  That doesn’t mean they are still married to each other as a couple and still together, but for our arrival they will meet us as the couple they were and greet/welcome us into spirit.  As I understand reincarnation, and as usual, I do NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS, a soul only brings back with it the amount of energy deemed necessary for the next lifetime.  Also, with reincarnation and soul PODS – and again I reference Dr. Michael Newton’s Books – when we reincarnate those who might have been “mates” or married couples in this lifetime might be parents or siblings – sisters, brothers, cousins or others in the family relationship in the next lifetime.  Perhaps they will be best friends – who are sometimes closer than blood relationships, but still interacting in the path of our souls but no longer in the marital relationship.
I have a book – a rather thick one about nothing except reincarnations which have been proven but are mostly set in Eastern countries.  The reason for this is probably because the eastern religions totally accept reincarnation as a fact without question.  WHY?  The reason as I see it is because those religions do not doubt the fact of reincarnation and the western religions refuse to accept it.  Where it is accepted as a fact and true belief, it is easier for spirit entities to demonstrate those beliefs just as we do with message work and spirit communications. 
For anyone who really fights the “theory of reincarnation,” and would like to see Biblical proof, I would refer them to the passage where Jesus says “but Elias had come and they knew him not and they realized Jesus was referring to John the Baptist.”  This is in several of the gospels – read it for yourselves!  In St. Matthew Chapter 17 start with verse 10 and read through verse 13.  Again in St. Mark Chapter 9 verses 12 and 13 – so even in the tradition of Christianity reincarnation is verified Biblically although typically most churches do not recognize it in that way.      
So, yes, your parents will be able to meet, greet and welcome you at your arrival to the spirit world.  Also, others you have known and interacted with in this lifetime will be there to meet you in the same manner.  Being merely human it is normal and natural for us to have the desire to again see and interact with people we have loved and who have loved and cared for us in this lifetime.
It is also true that while we want to see both of our parents, if their lives had been less than ideal they may meet us separately – perhaps in spirit they realize they had finished with the interaction of their souls – one would stand back while the other greeted us and then step forward separately to greet us.  I actually heard this example given on one of John Edwards’ television shows – the parents chose to no longer interact with each other but still had love for the children they had created together while on the earth plane.  They were respectful of each other but didn’t actually interact.
Spirit entities do not have to see anyone they choose to not see!  They may have to deal with the same life lesson if they had not learned it but they may repeat that lesson with other souls dealing with the same type of life lesson.  It is rather like a scholar on earth who has to repeat a grade and has a different instructor teaching the same topic the next year; perhaps the second teacher will have a better communication with the student’s method of learning and is able reach the student from a different vantage point.
It has been proven on earth that not everyone learns in the same manner.  Actually at this point there are seven recognized methods in which people learn and there may be more so far unclassified.  So it would be with souls and their journey. 
In a way this seems complicated but I found Dr. Newton’s books to be very clear and understandable.  I do hope if you are further interested you will take the time to read “Journey of Souls.”
Thank you.
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