Your Spirit Band and You by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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Your Spirit Band and You    

       One of the things which has greatly puzzled the novice in Spiritualism are the unfamiliar guides and helpers brought to him by various mediums.  A proper understanding of the relationship which exists between those living on the earth plane and the helpers from the spirit world is therefore of importance to every student.


       Whether the individual is aware of it or not, spirit guidance begins at the very hour of birth and continues until and even through the transition into death.  Those living on earth are constantly being guided and assisted, knowingly or unknowingly, by discarnate spirits.  Many of the worthwhile things which man has prided himself on having achieved would have been impossible of accomplishment had it not been for this unseen guidance.  Thus, knowledge of the work and influence of our invisible guides cannot help but reveal more of the laws by which and through which we live and have our being.


       Beginning at the hour of birth, we have attached to us a guardian spirit, often known as a guardian angel.  Children in peril often have told authenticated stories of seeing such spirits, of having been saved by their intervention.  Children also see and talk with their “so called imaginary playmates” – actually seeing and interacting with spirit until the modern world takes their attention away from spirit, pooh poohing the interaction and directing the child’s attention to things of a worldly nature.  In the spirit world, as on earth, entities have work to do, each being assigned to tasks because of their own choice and aptitude.  Often spirits who have been deprived of the joys of motherhood are given the care and training of children who pass into spirit.  Or, they may be assigned to assist children living on the earth plane.  When a life has been lived and deprived of something for which it greatly yearned, it may find this desire fulfilled in the spirit world.


Thus, the great and wonderful Natural Law Of

 Compensation works to bring balance into all lives.


       It should be remembered that from its first breath until its last, a human soul is never entirely alone because guardian spirits are always watchful and around to help us.  However, no spirit advanced in knowledge will attempt to force decisions upon those they guard or guide for God gave the Power of Free Will to each and every person.  This is not something to be taken lightly.  Guardian spirits will (even as do mothers and fathers on earth) try to influence a soul away from danger and into proper lines of action.  Many think this is just their conscience – and a part of it is – but it is also the spirit band working to protect us from making unwise decisions, in conjunction with our own God Given inner voice of guidance and conscience.  Thus, we have two forces attempting to keep us on the straight and narrow and yet, some of us unwisely make incorrect choices.   We have that right, which allows us the opportunity to learn the lessons we came to earth to learn.  Yet, in the final analysis, such decisions must be either helped or hurt by the Karma such decisions entail.  With their far reaching insight, guardian spirits know that each soul must experience testing in order to learn its lessons and to bring it finally to the goal for which it came into life.  Every soul born into life has a goal and a purpose, and whatever experiences are necessary to bring this into fulfillment are understood by the guides.  They attempt only to show the easy and best way to reach that goal.


       Like earth parents, they do not condemn or hate us for our failings, for their love and care are all encompassing.  They see our human need, our human suffering, and seek to help alleviate it as best they can.  When we do wrong, they grieve.  When we overcome an obstacle and have grown in spiritual stature their joy is great.


       So, first of all, we have our guardian angels, who are with us from birth through life and into death or the transition back to spirit. Other guides may be with us all our life also; generally they spend a part of each day with us. 

Another type of guide comes only at a certain time in our life – when we are undergoing certain experiences.  When their work at this particular time is done, they go on to others who need their specialized help.


       A medium often will tell one for whom they are reading that they have a certain spirit as a guide or helper.  Another medium will tell of yet other spirits and unless we understand the laws which govern their association with us, this diversity of spirits can be confusing.  Knowing that such spirits come into our lives to help us do a definite thing and pass on when this is accomplished, sheds light on such situations and clearly defines them.  We might call this type of guide a “specialist” in his chosen field.


       As each soul progresses spiritually, it gathers about itself a band of workers.  This band normally consists of some twelve spirits, each with a different ability and a special task to perform.  In the case of a person in high office, or in a position wherein he is to do a great and universal work, he may attract to himself several bands of workers, thus broadening his scope of influence.


       The relationship of the earth living and the spirit band is like a closely knit organization.  Guides who attach themselves to one on earth generally do so because, in helping the one on earth to advance, they themselves make advancement in spirit.  Often their love for the person impels them to this service and this is particularly true when the spirit guide formerly has been a beloved relative or friend who reaches back from spirit to help those they love.  Often too, the earth soul and the spirit guide or helper, are drawn together by mutual interest, having the same ambitions, the same goals, desires and characteristics.  Thus the commingling and intercommunion of one with the other strengthens both.


       In every band there is a Doctor who works for and with the student for the healing and help of both himself and of others.  There is also a chemist whose job it is to keep the minerals balanced in the body of the student and to add such minerals and elements as may be necessary from time to time for his chemicalization and spiritual unfoldment.  They also assist the student in the healing of others.  Then there is the door keeper (or joy guide) whose function it is to prevent the close proximity of spirits to communicate through or to the student.  Often spirit children are a part of the band, bringing their innocence and joy to brighten the heart.  These joy guides, with the other guides, the controls, teachers, healers, and others mentioned who come for specific purposes and then leave us usually comprise the spirit band.  It must be remembered that “guides” and “controls” are different.  While a guide is more or less a permanent fixture, a control works with a person only so long as that person offers him a proper channel through whom to work.  When such a channel ceases to be effective, the control moves on to others through whom he may work more advantageously. 


       There are many other subtle nuances in the working of spirit with mankind but we have tried at this point to clarify some of the normal ways in which your spirit band works with you.  Always remember that those who choose to work with you are always a step above your own understanding and development so that their position as a teacher or influence in your life is constantly leading you on an upward journey as you proceed through life.  Being Spiritualists, I urge you to listen to them, heed their impressions, follow your “gut” instincts, so that you and they are always on the road to Higher Ground.  God bless you each on your trip through this life.

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