Leaving This Physical World by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
February 21st, 2018 5:04 pm     A+ | a-
As we grow older we hear more and more about people in our lives with this or that life threatening illness or disease.  We also hear of extensive medical practices people undergo to maintain life in the physical body. 
I heard recently about an 81 year old man who has an aggressive form of sinus cancer.  This man is being taken daily to Columbus for treatment.  He had the first surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and within 4 weeks it had regrown in a larger form.  He is taking an immunotherapy treatment he will have to take for the rest of his earth life and will undergo 6 weeks of radiation treatment.  HIs nearest son lives within a few blocks of his home and was recently retired.  He is extremely fortunate to have a nearby son who is no longer on the job and is able to accomplish this daily trip for and with him. 
I guess I would ask “why?”  The man has been healthy all of his life, has reared six children to adulthood and is a grandfather many times over.  At this point he may already have great grandchildren, I don’t know.   He is 81 years of age and isn’t going to live forever in the physical body any more than any of us will.  I understand his family wanting to have him well and healthy again, viable in every sense of the word.  Unfortunately aggressive treatment can be debilitating in its’ self. 
Perhaps this is the way Infinite Intelligence has of breaking down one’s resistance toward leaving the earth plane.  Usually Cancer is painful and the treatments often seem worse than the disease.  I don’t want anyone to suffer for any reason.  None of us would wish suffering and pain on anyone much less a person, friend, relative or even a casual acquaintance we personally know.  Perhaps, also, Spirit steps in to break our will and assist us in preparing to leave the body. 
It is understandable if a person is much younger – with perhaps a family that still needs to be reared, cared for and educated.  Yes, there are multitudes of people who have “beaten” cancer or other physical challenges.  I would suggest that anyone who desires vehemently to live and can endure the treatment needed to accomplish it should do what is prescribed.  I am not saying we shouldn’t be supportive of those who desire to maintain physical life.
My question again is – “is this God’s way of causing us to begin to become ready to release? “  Ultimately, regardless of the outcome of this persons treatment efforts, he is beyond the age when many people transition.  What difference does it make if he ‘beats” this situation?

At his age he is still beyond the prime of his life and he has had a good one.   At this point with the aggressive treatment he is still going to be impaired to some degree, will have certain medical procedures he will have to endure for the rest of his physical life and probably will end up making the transition to spirit regardless of the outcome of the treatment. 
We know doctors work vigorously to sustain physical life.  That is their job and they take it seriously.  We also know medical bills can mount astronomically rather rapidly.  Fortunately this person has good medical coverage, being retired from a company who didn’t rescind the medical support at his retirement.  I guess I admire his tenacity to hold on and fight the battle.  I also do not know what the answers should be.
My thoughts go back to Ecclesiastic’s chapter three which we recently discussed – about a time for everything under the heaven.  A time to be born, a time to die….  
Wouldn’t a deeper understanding of life, transition from the physical body and knowledge of the continuation of life in the Spirit World be helpful in this type of situation?  Wouldn’t it remove fear, give enhanced understanding of spirit communication with those of us still on the earth plane and the certainty of the continuation of the soul?  Wouldn’t it help his family be able to release him without his having to endure everything this disease and its treatment portend?   
While alive we still have goals, things we desire to accomplish, drawers that still need emptied and stuff that should be sorted and dealt with one way or another.  Let us work in that direction, let’s share what someone else would enjoy that we no longer use.  Let’s divest the material stuff as best we are able.  On the other hand……..  Leaving stuff is like closing the door to go on vacation.  It will be fine and it will be dealt with one way or another if we don’t return.  Also, while we are on vacation we forget all about our precious stuff and have a good time.  If we don’t return to it, well, we couldn’t take it with us anyhow.  No trailer loads behind hearses, they always say.
If I could gift everyone here with anything at all  it would be that we all have a quiet evening with friends, go home and to bed and wake up in spirit.  What a blessing.  What a momentous gift from Spirit.  What Spiritualist teaching would have accomplished!  Let us all pray we are able to release our bodies without an extended situation.  Let us also teach those around us that that is NOT a tragedy even though it may create a shock, it is truly a Blessing from God.  
When the time is ready and God calls our number, we Bingo!  Let us pray we are ready for our next adventure!  God bless us all.
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