Healing is a Five Pointed Star by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST
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Healing.  Now there is a topic!  What does it bring to your mind?  Usually people think about healing in the context of bodily ills – headaches, fevers, flu, strokes, cancer, broken bones, auto accidents, surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain relief.  Of course, all of those situations are included in healing.
      Healing.  That also brings thoughts of doctors, nurses, therapists; specialists in many areas of the health care profession.  There are the technicians that operate the machines expressly designed for healing.  Diagnostic procedures, CT Scans, Radiology, X-Rays, Ultra Sounds, PET Scans, Chemotherapy, breathing treatments, dialysis machines;  there are so many and varied areas in the medical profession now that I am certain I cannot name them all or give credit to those professionals who perform the tasks.  All of these devices, the people who operate them, read and interpret the results supplied by the tests are a part of the healing process.
            Usually we think of healing as being needed in the physical sense; to relieve pain, to clear physical conditions, to ease and make well someone who is ill.   That is where we usually ask for it, pray for it, send it and apply it.  Certainly there are many who need physical healing.  We have cancer patients, those with breathing impairments, diabetes, arthritis of different types as well as many other diseases, plus those who have fallen or have other ailments.  I would never underestimate healing in the physical form and feel it is most important.  If healing can ease any persons’ transition from a distressing physical illness to entry into the spirit world, that energy is never lost or wasted.  
      We also are now scientifically aware that certain emotions can bring on certain types of illnesses; cancer, it is said, is triggered by deep resentment or hatred.  Louise Hay wrote about that many years ago in her book You Can Heal Your Life.  She successfully battled cancer once she realized the experience in her childhood that she had buried and resented so deeply.  Arthritis is supposedly brought on by a feeling of not being loved.  Using affirmations in a positive manner can assist us in releasing many of the self imposed physical illness we manifest.  This is not a panacea, of course.
            As you know, the subconscious cannot take a joke.  Every time you say you are tired, you are reinforcing tiredness in your subconscious mind and that will manifest in your physical body.  Every time you affirm that you have a headache, you will, indeed, manifest a headache.  Thoughts are or become things.  Some things are manifested physically due to improper diet or poor choices; of course we are also aware that our food supply is not as pure as home grown vegetables would provide.  It would be worthwhile for you, if you are not familiar with Louise Hays’ book, to get it at the library and investigate her information, working with the affirmations suggested for what ever type of problem you are dealing with physically. 
      Mental illnesses such as depression, mania, and other psychotic illnesses are included in the category of healing.  That opens the field to more professionals – psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and those in that area of the health care field.
      Mental healing – relieving the misconceptions, chemical imbalances which can create antisocial or psychotic problems – mental healing which allows clear understanding and honest true actions – relieves worry. 
            If mental healing for all could take place, people’s outlook and faulty reasoning could be righted which would increase spiritual understanding in all and again take us back to Jesus’ law of loving one another as we love ourselves.  Children born of parents who were alcohol or drug impaired wouldn’t exist.  That alone could reduce many illnesses and mental malfunctioning for those born so affected.  Kindness toward others would be a way of life.  Minor irritations would not occur and rampant rage wouldn’t drive people to do dastardly heinous acts, physically, materially and emotionally. 
            So, yes, healing is certainly important and science has come to realize and acknowledge the help prayer and healing touch can create for someone suffering illness. 
            Healing.  Reike, healing touch, yoga, exercise machines at the gym, people out jogging.    All of these things relate to healing in one way or another; they are all a part of either getting healthy or staying healthy. 
      With all of the problems in the world today, I am personally aware of the need for social healing – if families, husbands and wives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, nations and yes, the world in general, could receive healing for social problems, wouldn’t this entire world be a different place?  How many dysfunctional families or people can you think of just off hand?  How many religions have caused and fought wars based on non tolerance of other beliefs?  Right now, in the Middle East, we are in a war caused by a lack of social healing and spiritual understanding.  Social healing incorporates tolerance toward others; employing Jesus’ commandment to love one another as you love yourself and to treat others as you would like to be treated.  If all religions taught that principle and everyone practiced it, we would never have wars.  We wouldn’t have the massive and rampant greed that turns people into crooks and criminals.  We wouldn’t have abusive situations or murders or missing children who later turn up murdered. 
      In a perfect world, everyone would have better understanding of the laws that govern karma and would, therefore, live and act in a more commendable manner. 
How wonderful if healing could be accomplished socially – in our lives, our relationships with our families, friends, co workers, neighbors.  That would reduce stress and we all know that stress and worry can create many tensions in our bodies which erupt into actual physical illnesses. Think of how far reaching social healing could be – in our cities, nations, the world - social healing would create peace in every area.  That, to me, is a very important part of healing.  
      How about financial healing? – not that any one needs to be wealthy but everyone desires enough to pay their obligations on time, purchase food, medicine, clothing, education; balancing the money act can be difficult especially in these economic times.  There is nothing wrong with asking God Force for enough financial assistance to be comfortable in life.
      Spiritual healing – praying that people reach inner peace and a relationship with the spirit of God within – certainly that is a form of healing that enables us to cope with life and its problems as well as assisting our souls to grow forward in understanding. 
      Since I am one of those who embrace the ideology of reincarnation and think I may have some sort of handle on why we choose to come back to this earthly and imperfect world to work out our problems, as well as choosing the path we will work on in this incarnation; knowing full well ahead of time the choices and perils we face and hope we handle better “this time around” so we don’t have to keep repeating the bad choices we have made in the past and can advance spiritually by having chosen to work through our problems again in a material world, I believe many of our ailments physically, mentally, socially, financially have been put in our paths by the Elders and ourselves – our own souls - when we choose to come back.  If we can continue to learn and grow, we realize that sending healing in whatever way it is best determined by Infinite Intelligence is one of the most sincere and helpful ways we can personally advance ourselves.  Yes, we do pray for the physical comfort of those experiencing physical challenges; yes, we do pray for the mental help for those who are impaired for whatever reason; yes, we do pray for financial rewards for those who are struggling for their daily keep; yes, we do pray for those who labor in dysfunctional situations and who only worsen their own situations by not having good reasoning ability in handling the social interactions with those around them; but perhaps the most important healing we can send is Spiritual Healing – which will alleviate all of the other types of problems.  I personally believe we should always ask in prayer for the highest and best good of all concerned.  We are not God.  We do not know the path any particular soul has chosen.  We can only send help and healing to the best of our ability for the highest and best outcome according to what God determines.  Even though we are free will entities and know we always can change outcomes, even those given in messages by spirit, the God Force knows best what is needed in any situation. 
      Spiritual Healing encompasses all of the other types of healing energy being sent and allows us to surrender our hopes, fears, and wishes for those to whom we send healing.   We should allow the God Force Energy to work freely in the best and highest benefit of the recipient.  Infinite Intelligence knows better than we do what situations or lessons or discomforts each individual has to experience in order to work through whatever path and lesson they have chosen for this incarnation.     

            I was taught to think of healing as a five pointed star with Infinite Intelligence in the open center of the star and each of the five points having a title; Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial, that all lead into the center where the Infinite balances and controls everything. 
      Healing, as a five pointed star includes healing in each and every area of our lives.  When all areas are balanced, healing flows throughout our lives evenly.  I challenge anyone to name something that does not fall under one of the categories I have mentioned. 
      My parents were Spiritualists and I learned of healing in that manner.  I did not find healing explained that way when I took the Morris Pratt courses so I don’t know if that is just an old fashioned idea/teaching or whether our religion has changed the way we look at healing. 
      Let’s talk about our Healing Prayer:
      I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health.  I ask this in all sincerity and honesty and I will do my part.
      This first portion of the healing prayer is to both heal ourselves of any problems and open the flow for healing for ourselves plus put us in tune with the God Force which cleanses us as a channel for the God Energy to work through when it is directed to others.  The most important statement is that we ask sincerely and honestly and that WE WILL DO OUR PART to become at ONE with the God Force Energy by being receptive and open to it’s healing Power.
      The second portion of the prayer continues:
      I ask this great Unseen Healing Force to help both present and absent ones who are in need of Help and to restore them to perfect health.  I put my trust in the love and Power of God.
      We should remember that Present ones – are people not only in church with us when we pray the Healing Prayer, but those on the earth plane wherever they may be, who are in need of healing.  Absent ones; – those not in church today?  Not necessarily, that also includes those in the Spirit Realm who are not yet enlightened or awake and aware of their location and the ability they have to progress.  We are actually including them when we send healing.
      That is actually the end of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches healing prayer. 
            Reverend Laura Holloway, of the old National Spiritualist Association headed the Central Spiritualist Church at the corner of Haynes and Hulbert Streets in Dayton, Ohio many years ago.  My sisters attended her Lyceum Classes as children.  All of my life I have been exposed to the Healing Prayer.  I found out in adulthood that our healing prayer in Dayton is actually not the same as the one used by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  I would like to see the Healing Prayer amended nationally to reflect what Rev. Holloway taught.  She had always felt the prayer was sort of “unfinished” and spirit led her to alter it in the following manner, which is how it reads in our Dayton Sunday Program:  
       May they have health of body, peace of mind and spiritual understanding.  This is our prayer.  Amen.
      With that thought in mind please continue to work with the God Force and send healing in the spirit of love, asking not what you would prefer or like to see done but asking that God’s Will, for the highest and best good of all concerned be accomplished.
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