Healing with Others by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST
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It has been said that healing has five parts; mental, physical, spiritual, social and financial.  All of these areas are important in our lives, frequently overlapping.  Stress affects every area of our being causing problems physically when we are concerned about possible financial difficulties, or mentally and emotionally when we have social crises in our lives.  Social problems within our lives are important and issues in that area can also seep over and cause tension in our physical nervous makeup.  I sometimes think if all of the social relationships in our lives and the world at large were healed, physical health would be “taken care of.” 

Friendship, loving human interaction, can stave off many problems.  If we can work to maintain contact with people whose company we value, where we can vent, share our concerns or listen when they have difficulties we have gained a magical quality of great importance in our lives.  The old adage is that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Sometimes situations throw us into relationships that we might not have experienced otherwise and we make friendships that are only as long lived as the situation in that particular time and place.  We move on, they move on and frequently we lose contact with those individuals.  Other times we are thrown together with people of similar interests at that particular time frame of our human situation and as we, or they grow forward, our paths separate and again we may lose touch.  Rarely and preciously, there are folks who come into our lives and are there for the long haul.  We are simply simpatico with their interests, personalities, levels of understanding and soul growth.  If there is separation due to job change/physical relocation, other life experiences, we and they maintain contact and when we get in touch – either through skyping, phoning, texting, e mailing or physically getting together someplace, we are able to pick up and move forward as though there had never been a separation at all.  These relationships are a treasure and should be highly valued, protected and worked toward maintaining.  In today’s electronic world sometimes we may have never actually met the individual but recognize the connection regardless of that fact.  I have a friend whom I have never met but when I see that particular identification in my e mail roster, I feel uplifted just because the contact is “there.”  Our lives, educational levels, personal interests and experiences are probably very different but we connected and both of us seem to enjoy and treasure the relationship.  Sometimes we talk about personal going-ons, spiritual interests and life in general.  Sometimes we just say hello to stay in touch.  Either way, seeing that ID in my e mail starts my day right.  I have never met her or her husband, she doesn’t really know the people I may discuss, but she is interested, I am interested and we have a special friendship through the computer. 

In this day and age we have these opportunities to connect and grow that weren’t available prior to the marvels of electronics.  Geographical locations are no longer limiting in developing “connections.”  My friend and I would probably have never “met” otherwise.   That doesn’t make our interrelationship less important or valuable. 

Sometimes, through illnesses, we become better acquainted with “shirttail relations” - people in our own families with whom we had previously never interacted.  We very much care about someone that they also love dearly.  We start to grow a tenuous and then solid friendship through our mutual concerns.  Even after the person who brought us together has transitioned into the spirit world the mutual warmth continues and we explore interests, memories of our friend now in spirit, laugh together, develop our interaction slowly but surely forward. 


The Barbra Streisand song “...people, people who need people are the luckiest people of all” has a ring of truth in it that we should take seriously, recognize and appreciate.  Without human interaction we may tend to become self absorbed, selfish, thoughtless, less than humane perhaps and certainly our worlds shrink.  With human interaction in our lives we are more interesting, possibly more kind, caring and concerned about others.  Isn’t that what life is or should be all about? 

Jesus taught love.  Since we are a part of Infinite Intelligence we are given the breath of life.  We should live our lives so as to emulate our Master Teacher.  We should strive to become more loving.  We should CARE about our fellow beings throughout our life’s journey.  If we are able to stay connected to humanity as a whole, even if only through personal friendships, we will have gained in the growth of our own soul.  We are a part of the whole of everything.  Everything therefore is a part of us.  Reach out to the lonely person – help them to reach out also.  Both of you will benefit.  Remember a neighbor who lives alone, who may not have enough family members close by to check in regularly.  You probably will never know how much that means to them but it won’t cost you much except a phone call or a meal dropped by occasionally.    Perhaps a cup of coffee and a few minutes of conversation will end up lifting YOU as much as it does them.  You never know where a blessing will come from – both for yourself as well as for another. 

Healing comes in many ways.  Staying connected to others is beneficial, releasing hurts is healing, showing love is healing.  Avail yourselves of the opportunities to find healing through reaching out to be helping, healing and loving to someone else. 

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