Happy Easter by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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King James Psalm 118 verse 24
“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Easter is one of the very few times of the year that Christians and Spiritualists agree - but for very different reasons. 
Yes, Spiritualists do believe in Jesus – however not as a savior figure but as the Master Teacher or “Way Shower” – the One who came to set the example we are to strive to follow; He whose ways we should attempt to emulate. 
Christianity rejoices on Easter for the rising of the Crucified Christ whose death washed away their sins. 
Spiritualists rejoice on Easter for the rising after physical death of the Crucified Christ as a materialized SPIRIT who proves beyond any doubt the continuation and communication with the “So Called Dead.”  In our Declaration of Principles that is clearly stated in number four; “WE AFFIRM THAT COMMUNICATION WITH THE SO CALLED DEAD IS A FACT, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BY THE PHENOMENA OF SPIRITUALISM.”
Spiritualists do not teach or preach of sin and sinners.  Spiritualists believe in personal responsibility as set forth in the seventh of our Declaration of Principles; “WE AFFIRM THE MORAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND THAT WE MAKE OUR OWN HAPPINESS OR UNHAPPINESS AS WE OBEY OR DISOBEY NATURE’S PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL LAWS.”
Christianity believes in vicarious atonement or that Jesus can make right all of humanities wrongs so long as they accept Jesus as their risen savior. 
Spiritualism affirms we take responsibility for our mistakes and continue to work personally on becoming better people while on earth or more educated souls if in the world of spirit. 
Those are two quite different outlooks and they are an integral part of the differentiation between the two religious beliefs.
Spiritualism goes on to teach as Jesus demonstrated, that communication with those in spirit is not only possible but we demonstrate it with our message work through Mediums who are people whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.
Spiritualism does not require you to take things on faith alone.  That is why Spiritualism is considered a religion, a science and a philosophy, the definition of philosophy being “the love of wisdom.”
Spiritualism nurtures your soul with the teaching of Infinite Intelligence or God Force, it proves with scientific demonstration the communication with the so called dead, it teaches through philosophy by assisting us to learn the deeper meanings of life and how we can grow our souls forward and closer to the Infinite Spirit or highest vibration we are able to acquire. 
It also removes the fear of death by the proof of life everlasting.  It offers consolation through the knowledge of the ability to continue to be able to interact with those whom we have loved and can still be in touch with during message work. 

It is because of these demonstrations that we are able to rejoice in our knowledge.  Yes, the physical presence is absent – we miss that - but it is as if our loved ones just went on vacation but can still send “postcards “ of love through message work.  We know they are alive and well and thriving.  In spirit they may come back as we last saw them and remember them but they also may come back as a younger form than we recall since they have overcome death and gone back to a vibrant and radiant life form they enjoyed prior to their aging process on earth and may present themselves in the prime of their life.  Who of those among us wouldn’t love to be healthy again and perhaps appear as we did when we were enjoying our “best days” of adult youth?
There are many things to consider on this special day, regardless of your personal outlook.  The very most important item to remember is that Jesus arose from the dead and walked among his family and friends as a materialized spirit.  He had already told us in St. John Chapter 14, verse 2:  “Verily, Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my father.”  Rejoice on Easter for those reasons.
Have a blessed Easter. 
By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST 


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