Healing Is In God’s Hands by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST
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 There are times in life when all of us have felt we simply cannot deal with situations, cannot handle what is going on, cannot reconcile our Physical with our Spiritual lives.  We have tried, we have prayed, we have done our very best yet things still seem out of control.

Those are the times to realize when we put things under the jurisdiction of Infinite Intelligence we then should learn to leave them there.  If we had been able to “fix” the situation, we would have already done that, if we had been able to bring about change, we would have already accomplished it, if there was a human remedy we would have already reached the solution, would have been there, done that.  Prayer sometimes doesn’t seem to be working.

Most of us are already aware that worry is a very negative energy.  In times of stress we do not need to send out thoughts of concern or worry which will only exacerbate the situation.  We must stay positive if we are to help.

I am reminded of the old story about the farmer who plants his seeds.  He doesn’t go out every morning and pull the seed out of the ground to see if it has rooted yet, does he?  That would defeat the purpose – had they rooted, he would have uprooted them and they wouldn’t grow!  He plants, trusts nature to take her course and gives the time needed for germination to take place; the seeds (NOT mysteriously – but by Natural Law) do germinate, plants begin to push through the soil toward the light and another crop begins to grow.

Likewise, when we place things in the Hands of Spirit, we should act like the farmer – exercise patience, work with Natural Law by trusting Infinite Intelligence; allowing time for Spirit to work.

There is an exercise we can use to help this occur.  Always remembering that we have no right to change anyone except ourselves, we always pray for the highest and best good of all concerned!  Keep this in mind when you use the exercise I will be sharing with you today.

This is an exercise I have worked with extensively.  I have proven in my own life that it does work, if I work with it!  Chances are things didn’t get to wherever they may be in your life overnight so they will not be resolved overnight.  If you want to learn to play an instrument, you practice – be it the piano, guitar, pitching a baseball, sewing a seam for a garment, learning woodworking.  In the same manner, if you practice working with this regularly, it will work for you.

What is this “magical formula?”  How can anything solve everything?  Well, give this a serious try while you leave the seed in the ground for Natural Law to germinate!

“I place myself and ___(specifically name the problem)___ in the Hands of the Loving Infinite Spirit and only that which is for my (our) Highest Good will come to me (us).  Bless me (us), protect me (us), make Spirit’s Face to shine upon me (us), keep me (us) healthy, and help us to find the correct way for the highest and best good of all concerned.  In the name of Spirit, as this is spoken, so shall it be done.  Amen.”

When using this prayer, visualize the Hands of Spirit extended from the Clouds of the White Light of Infinite Intelligence, opened as a cup to receive the problem you are placing there.  Whenever you feel yourself begin to worry again (negative energy) or the “what if’s” creep in, act like a Mother Cat – pick that problem up by the nape of the neck just as she would pick up her kitten to put back in her nest area, and put it back in the Hands of Spirit.  If you are aggravated, mentally throw the problem back where you put it, sometimes you will have to mentally forcibly throw to it back into those Loving Hands, but by doing that you are exercising your ability to stay positive, curtail the negativity of worry, and remain consistent in working with the problem all the while keeping yourself and your ego (and personal wishes toward solution) out of the way.

Don’t try to work everything out at one time.  Pick your priority!  Take the direst most immediate situation and stick with that one until it reaches a permanent solution.  Then, starting over again, work on the next area you would like to see changed for the better.

This is a powerful prayer and I have personally proven in my own life that it works.  It will work without fail – but only if you work with it.  Just as practice makes perfect when learning any new skill, so does practice make perfect when learning to work with Spirit.  Remember one thing always; it will not work for you if you do not work with it.

May Spirit always work in your life!  God Bless

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