Protection of Infinite Intelligence by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
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First and foremost, it is always prudent to be aware, when working with Spirit, that if you ask for God’s White Light of Divine Protection, you will always have that Force around you and with you.  Also, it is true that you probably do not associate with liars, thieves, drug dealers, murderers; so you probably are not going to attract the negative energies anyway.  You have always heard that like attracts like.  That is certainly true when working with Spirit.  You will attract to you the guides, teachers and entities that are about one step above your own level of understanding so that you are learning from them just as a child in school.  Kindergarten children do not need a high school math teacher to teach them their ABC’s, colors and numbers.  High school students do not need a college professor to teach them calculus and engineering.  In that same manner, we on the Spiritual Path will attract to us guides and teachers appropriate to the level of understanding we have attained.  We do not have any desire for anything of a lower nature in our lives, classes or experiences.  No matter the circumstance, no matter where you are, no matter what time it is, if you ask for God Force to surround and protect you, it will always be there.  Spirit does not let us down when we call upon the Infinite Intelligence.

       If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, you normally will turn to prayer so you are asking Infinite Intelligence or the God Force for assistance.  At that point you are already working with the highest and best Force available.

       I think people are more concerned with protection when working with spirit as in a circle or in a message bearing capacity.  The law is the same.  Ask for the protection of the Infinite Intelligence to be with you and to bring only truth appropriate to the occasion.  Message bearers sometimes may receive a message for someone that may be appropriate in a private setting but inappropriate for a church service.  It is never “okay” to embarrass anyone and when a new person comes to church I ask them if they would like a message before I take what I may have received and just give it out.  Several people like our service but are not comfortable with messages.  That is fine and nothing to be either ashamed of or embarrassed by.    If you are giving a message you should have already asked for Protection and that you only receive truth prior to opening your mouth.  Message bearers do this usually during their “working song” or meditation which is a sort of signal to the Spirit World that they have opened the door and are willing to receive spirit messages for those present.  I do not know of anyone who works as a message bearer who does not take the responsibility of working with Spirit seriously. 

       Those of you who have attended our All Message Night services know we always open with a prayer to the Infinite.  We request that Spirit join us and knowing that we are working to the highest and best of our ability, we trust that only truth will come through. 

       After the opening prayer we know the circle or class is protected and we then proceed to work with what spirit brings us.  In working with Spirit, it is important to give what you receive even though it makes no sense to you – the message you are giving is not for YOU, anyway.  It is for the recipient the spirit entity is attempting to reach.  If you have a thought that persists, a song you don’t normally sing that runs through your head and doesn’t go away, GIVE that information.  That is how spirit starts to make you aware.  That song or thought may have a very special meaning to someone else, even if you don’t know exactly where it goes.  Usually, you will sense or feel that it goes to a certain area of the room so you can mention that.  If you are not sure, give the information but do not try to place it.  Never give anything Spirit has not given you but do give forth and share with others so that Spirit knows contact has been made,  received and recognized.   If you feel or sense a tickling or web around your face, mention it.  If you sense a warmth or chilly breeze in a room where there is no open air circulating, give that information.  There is a very good book by Ted Andrews titled “How To Meet and Work with Spirit Guides.”  It is an easy read, very basic and explanatory. 

First John Chapter 4, verse one says:  “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:  because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”   ASK the spirit entity you are working with if they are of God, do they recognize Jesus Christ?  If they answer that they do, you will have no problem in trusting them.

Protection is simply the Light of God around and about you.  It isn’t hard to secure nor difficult to understand.  ASK God to protect you and surround you with the Power of truth.  It is that simple.  May God be with you and protect you always.


January 18th, 2018 8:01 pm
Powerful and so simple and concise to understand, even I could comprehend the "message" in it!
Blessings and light to you Francis.
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