Learning to Work with Spirit by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST.CM
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Autumn is certainly in the air this week.  It is the time of completing harvests and starting into the cooler nights, frosty mornings and gradually working into the holiday season.  The evenings are longer, it gets dark earlier and we have time in the evenings to settle in and be cozy and comfortable in our homes.  With yard work finished or nearly so, there is more time for reflection.  I personally find television less appealing than ever.  Do you relax with a book?  Do you think about just doing nothing?  Perhaps if there isn’t a lot of noise in the house it is a good time to attempt to learn to meditate a bit.   

We have talked about being responsible to ourselves rather than to the needs and requests of those around us.  We have spoken of tuning in to the spirit and trying to just be still and listen.  You don’t have to plan on so much as a half hour – just a few quiet minutes to tune in quietly and just still your mind and listen.  Remember to ask Infinite Intelligence to be with you and only to allow those with your highest and best interests to communicate or come in.  Close your eyes lightly.  If you have a clock that ticks, hear it and give thanks for your ability to hear.  Maybe there are still crickets chirping outside.  Try not to focus on anything in particular.  Try to lightly close your eyes and float above yourself seeing with your mind’s eye how things would appear to a stranger.  Is the air serene?   

Does the house have a peaceful feeling?  Are there cracks that many call the house settling but may also be spirit attempting to catch your attention?  If you are alone, speak aloud to the sounds quietly but firmly so spirit knows you did hear and are receptive.  Ask if spirit is there with you and then just listen.  When you hear something again ask if there is anything spirit wants to tell you; again, just listen.   It is that easy, that simple.  After about 5 – 7 minutes, thank the God Force for being with you and giving you the sense of peace you will have received.   

Part of working with spirit is believing you can!  Spiritualists know they are never alone – God Force is around and about each one of us at all times and loved ones touch close also.  It is true that a grieving person whose aura and atmosphere are “heavy” with sorrow have lower vibrations and that makes it more difficult for spirit to reach through to them.  If you can truly realize that the soul lives on just as it was on the earth plan but in an etheric body rather than a physical one you are better able to overcome grief.  That is one of the most important lessons we teach and probably one of the most difficult for people to accept.  Yes, they can accept it in their minds but they also have to allow it to become real in their hearts. 

Believing they can reach you and allowing yourself time to give them a quiet minute daily is one of the best exercises to bring them into a communicative state with you.  Start your quiet minute with meditation to the Highest Force of God that you can accept and then quietly let your mind drift.  When you receive a thought that you know is not your type of thought, you may be certain spirit brought that into your mind. 

We always tell people who are trying to develop their mediumship that we never try to either understand or explain what spirit brings, we give it exactly as we receive it and then we quit.  It isn’t for the medium to understand!  It is for the recipient to recognize or work with until it falls into place with them.  Sometimes it takes a while.  If you are receiving nothing there is no dishonor in simply saying right now I don’t have anything, thank you.  Part of the problem with spirit demonstration has to do with the ego of the medium who isn’t openly honest and wants to be more than they are by giving more than they actually receive.   

We also know not everyone is going to receive a message each time they are here.  First off, there may not be anything unusual spirit has to impart each and every week.  They may be present and around you without having anything significant to say at that particular time.  Just as you on the earth plane may be with people and attentive to a conversation, perhaps learning from it but having nothing constructive to add at that time.  Spirit entities also experience that situation and may just be there with you but listening rather than speaking.  Never feel left out when you do not receive a message.  Frequently a message given to one will also fit another person in a different way.  It can be frustrating to a medium when someone who has received their message gets restless while others are still being served by spirit.  We advise sitting quietly and listening to what is given and seeing if what is being given would also apply in your own life.   

Messages are about spirit greetings – often by entities who may not have been able to reach through in the past – but who see the light of the service and wander in, surprised themselves that they are able to get through and make contact.  As we know many churches do not participate in this type of service so there aren’t a lot of opportunities for souls to touch back.   

Try to take a few minutes each day to sit quietly in the God Presence, meditate, believe you are in the presence of loved ones, listen, and if nothing is given, just thank spirit for being with you.  Perseverance pays when you are learning anything new. 

I hope this helps those who desire to be able to contact spirit and for those who already know how, I hope the refresher inspires you to continue to grow forward in your quest.  May god bless you all, always.

November 14th, 2017 2:45 pm
A very nice reminder and uplifting. Thank you.
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