Affirmations Versus Prayers
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Affirmations VS Prayers
By Rev. Frances Montgomery, NST
Dayton, Ohio
In the different seminars I have attended I have always heard it said the subconscious mind cannot take a joke!  Therefore, it is important to stay positive in your thinking.  I was told the subconscious mind is simply a constant recorder (in the akashic records) of everything. 

There is a vast difference between affirmations and prayer.

What is an affirmation?
An affirmation is usually a phrase, or sentence of powerful words put together, like a positive statement, and this sentence is aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to motivate you, to challenge you, to push you to reach your fullest potential in life.
When we dream about the future or get nostalgic thinking of the past, it is the conscious mind that’s at work. The conscious mind thinks in terms of past and future, rather than the present. Our subconscious mind is constantly focused on the present moment. This is why it is so important to be mindful of your inner thoughts such as; “I am successful” rather than “I will be successful”.
Definition of prayer

a devout petition to God or an object of worship. a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession. the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.
We use affirmations to bolster our own confidence, stay positive and upbeat as well as to imbed those attributes in our subconscious mind.  Affirmations are repetitious and that is acceptable. 

Prayer is a totally different activity directed to the Infinite Intelligence, or God Force, asking for assistance with a probem or thanking the Infinite for responding to a previous request.

As a Spiritualist I was always taught to ask or pray for the highest and best outcome for a situation rather than for what I personally desired. 

I have used the Spiritualist Declarations of Principles as an affirmation as well as the Realizations which I covered in a previous article and which I will include here for your reference, without the explanations.

Author unknown
God the Good is all there is.
The Law of Life is
made perfect in me.
I am a free soul in God;
Fate, destiny, and environment
 have no power over me.
Rest in Spirit, wait patiently and you
will be given your hearts' desire.
I am redeemed out of all nations,
all races, all people into the Great
God Life, in all and through all.
I am free from criticism,
condemnation, resistance, and strife,
for I know the Law of Love.
The power of God in the
midst of me is mighty.
I am health, happiness,
opulence and all good.
Divine love is alive within me
and radiates from me
 as power, peace, and joy.
I live in a perfect universe.
God has finished the things
 which concern my life.
These words are spirit and they
are life. They are now fulfilled
 under the divine law.
And the prosperity prayer for my
temple; a perfect church home, an
abundance of supply; The People,
healthy, happy, and prosperous.
I believe in the use of affirmations totally and work with them for staying positive.
I also believe completely in the power of prayer.  In my mind prayer is a totally different exercise.  Prayer is simply opening your own personal hot line to Infinite Intelligence and talking as you would speak with your best friend. 

We all have the capability to speak directly to the God Force at any time for any reason we desire to be in touch.  We do not need an intercessor to do that.  Intercessor being a pastor, priest, or any other human being. 
Prayer is a running commentary with the highest vibration we are capable of reaching.

I also think repetitious prayers are nearly an insult to the God Force who is always ready to hear us whenever we desire to touch in!  I completely believe God, or Spirit, is always with us and hears our thoughts whenever we send them. 

Having been taught I don’t have the right to change anyone except myself, I should always pray for the highest and best outcome of every situation, because Infinite Intelligence always knows more than I do, and everyone is always on their own spiritual life experience and has chosen the life lessons they need to learn to further their own personal spiritual development.  I can pray for their highest and best good, but I do not have the right to pray for a specific outcome since only Infinite knows the “whole story.” 

You cannot err when you keep your personal priorities out of talking with God.  Express them in prayer, yes, but do not attempt to force your own desires over Divine outcomes.

Use affirmations to raise your own understanding and to stay positive minded.
Use prayer to stay in touch with God! 
Most importantly, be in touch with Spirit daily so you keep your own hotline to God open. Blessings always.

Charli Mason
September 16th, 2022 9:41 pm
This is my first visit to your site and I want to say thank you for the link!
After reading this page I found myself saying "this is identical to my beliefs" can't wait to explore the rest of the site!

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