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I want to share with you something I have always loved and have used all of my life. I learned this during my teenage years when I attended a small independent church because there wasn't a Spiritualist Church in Dayton, Ohio at that time.
Mom didn't care where we attended so long as we were learning something and could "vibrate" with what was being taught. I feel there is a lot of power in these Realizations and whoever wrote them was most certainly of a high spiritual nature and in tune with Infinite Intelligence. That particular church used these Realizations weekly, much like we use the Healing Prayer and Declaration of Principles. The church no longer exists, and I have been unable to find the Realizations anywhere on the internet. I believe Rev. Hastings, that church's pastor, is smiling down on me as I share this information with you.

1. God the Good is All There is. 
What more needs to be said? We do believe in the God Force, Infinite Intelligence, a Divine Energy that is power in all, through all and over all. We know it exists and do not doubt it. We admit we do not understand it, we cannot see it; we know we can tap into it, put it into use in our lives and we know it is always around and about us protecting us, guiding us. We recognize its power.

2. The Law of Life is made perfect in me. I AM THAT I AM. 
You are at one with the God Force, you couldn't exist without it. God is the very breath you breathe, daily. Without that God given breath of life you would cease to exist.

3. I am a Free Soul in God. Fate, destiny, and environment have NO POWER over me. 
You have heard us teach that we are free will agents in God — that we can change things by our decisions, that we always have the right to change ourselves and that we never have the right to change anyone else. Being a free soul in God allows you to take charge of your life. You can rise above environment; you can control your destiny by the choices you make daily. You are not controlled by the whims of fate. That is one of the most important freedoms that we, in this nation, have been blessed to have and experience. Freedom of religion, freedom from slavery, freedom of speech — we have taken a lot of this for granted, but we should be aware that many people in the world yet today do not enjoy these freedoms.
Rest in Spirit, wait patiently for Him, and he will give you your heart's desire. 
We often pray, asking for this or that. If we ask and receive, we are pleased. If we ask and do not receive, we think God has not answered us — has ignored us. On the other hand, sometimes the old country western song, “Sometimes I Thank God for Unanswered Prayers” can frequently hold true. Sometimes as we grow and watch situations unfold, we realize that had we received this or that as we requested, the outcome would have been much different and not nearly as beneficial as the way things turned out.

5. I am redeemed out of all nations, all races, all people, into the Great God Life, in all and through all. 
I am and you are above the pettiness of most of life's' situations. I am and you are more concerned about your spirituality and soul growth than you are about other people, their ways, and their beliefs. It doesn't matter where you come from, what race you belong to or what your background was - you, here and now today - are redeemed into God Life as you choose the spiritual pathway.

6. I am free from criticism, condemnation, resistance, and strife, for I know the Law of Love. 
You and I are free from receiving criticism as well as free from being critical of others. You and I are free from being condemned as we know we should not condemn others. We do not have to resist, struggle or fight, because we know God's Love encompasses everything, us as well as everyone else.

7. The Power of God in the midst of me is mighty. I am health, happiness, opulence and all Good. 
What a powerful statement that is. Think about it. The Power of God in the midst of me — the midst of YOU — is mighty. I am and you are health, happiness, opulence and all good. Isn't opulence a fantastic word? Wealth, affluence, a profusion of abundance; all of that is in the MIDST of each of us when we are in tune with the God Force. What more could we ask?
Divine Love is alive within me and radiates from me as power, peace, and joy. 
Think of yourselves as actually radiating God Force Love toward everyone you meet. Realize the power you control. Relax into the peace and joyous happiness that is yours when you are in tune with the Infinite. Know that all love, kindness and goodness are radiating from you — you are capable of that.  See it radiating toward everyone you encounter for the day. Start small - work with that thought and imagine the radiation of the God Force flowing from YOU toward the next person you meet. One by one, person by person, day by day, add another individual until it becomes a habit. You don't have to know them. You can practice best on strangers and watch them smile in return, never knowing what power they have received because you know the Law of Love. Not only is that a random act of kindness, but it also enhances your own mental attitude and what you send out comes back many fold to yourself. It will change each of us if we are able to accomplish that!

9. I live in a perfect universe. God has finished the things which concern my life. 
Yes, we are free will agents, but God knows the plan we chose for this lifetime and even the decisions we will make before we actually make them. The still, small voice within that is commonly referred to as conscience, and which lives within the pit of our abdomen, is actually the God Force influencing us to do and be in our actions the highest best person we can be, if we only listen and heed it. These words are spirit and they are life. They are now fulfilled under the Divine Law. This is true — when we listen and act accordingly. Making that a habit raises both our spiritual understanding and also our vibrational level. We are striving daily to become better people, to grow our souls back into the God Consciousness. These little exercises do not cost us one penny; all we have to do is use the knowledge we are taught to the best of our ability and work with this energy. Then relax, knowing you have done your best and let the energy flow. Recognize yourself as a working entity of God sending forth power, peace, healing, and joy to everyone you meet. It isn't easy — I have said to my nephew — I always love you I don't always like what you do, but I do still love you. Those of you who have read The Shack will understand that statement pretty fully. I do believe that is how Spirit looks at each of us — always with love, even though we frequently fail and fall short. Each time we don't live up to our highest good, we have another and yet another opportunity to begin again, to try to work with it and become better people.

10. And the prosperity Prayer for our temple — a perfect church home, an abundance of supply.  The people healthy, happy and prosperous. 
What more can we ask for? We ask for the highest and best good for all concerned and most certainly for those in our church. We desire and pray for those who enter through our door to find a place where they are comfortable, where they feel welcome and at peace and where they can find the abundance of the God Energy that they seek to meet each new day with the courage that only the Infinite can supply in totality.
I have always loved these Realizations and it doesn't matter from where they came. I have found them worth memorizing to work with them to the best of my ability — and, like everyone else, at times I fail, miserably, but I always go back to them and try to use them again as best I am able. They mean a lot to me and I have a love for the lady, The Reverend Shirley Belle Hastings, who was the minister who taught them. I think we can all benefit from these teachings. I know I have, and always will treasure them. I am also eternally grateful to my Spiritualist Religion for teaching that all religions hold good in them and that I should read, study, learn, accept, table, or reject, according to my spiritual level at any given time or in other words, to think for myself. Spiritualism is for thinking people and I think that the Realizations I learned so long ago are "Spiritually Worthy" of remembering! God bless you all and help you to use daily what you know to be true.

i have printed them below without my comments if you would like to copy, paste and print them for your use.
Author unknown
God the Good is all there is.
The Law of Life is
made perfect in me.
I am a free soul in God;
Fate, destiny, and environment
 have no power over me.
Rest in Spirit, wait patiently and you
will be given your hearts' desire.
I am redeemed out of all nations,
all races, all people into the Great
God Life, in all and through all.
I am free from criticism,
condemnation, resistance, and strife,
for I know the Law of Love.
The power of God in the
midst of me is mighty.
I am health, happiness,
opulence and all good.
Divine love is alive within me
and radiates from me
 as power, peace, and joy.
I live in a perfect universe.
God has finished the things
 which concern my life.
These words are spirit and they
are life. They are now fulfilled
 under the divine law.
And the prosperity prayer for my
temple; a perfect church home, an
abundance of supply; The People,
healthy, happy, and prosperous.
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