We Are Spiritualists! by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, NST, CM
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We are Spiritualists.  We are not Baptists, Catholics, Methodists or Presbyterians.  We are Spiritualists!   Exactly what does that mean?  It means we believe life continues after death and we can communicate with those souls of entities in spirit.  We state this every Sunday in the 5th of our Declaration of Principles when we affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.


          Not everyone is a medium but everyone CAN learn to work with their Spirit Band.  So, other than on Sunday, when we give and receive messages, how do we actually work to communicate with these spiritual entities?  There are many ways Spirit can touch us with the message that they are there but you need to develop themMaybe these examples can help you get started.


One morning while I was getting ready to go to the office, the radio came on.  My husband Jim and I had the radio on a remote system and I was no where near the “clicker.”  The radio came on at the correct time and volume on the correct station and I said out loud, “Hello, Jim, I know you are here.  What do I need to know?”  Nothing came to mind.  NO impressions, nothing; no independent voice telling me “hello, do this or don’t do that.”  Darn it, anyhow!  But, the radio was playing and our favorite DJ Bucks Braun was doing his thing!   Because it had been so cold, I usually go out to start the car and warm it up before I leave.  I went out to the car, noticed that the left front tire was low.  Usually I don’t look at the tires, but this time it caught my attention - so I  followed my impression to stop and have it checked.  There was a roofing nail imbedded in the tire!  I was very happy that I had stopped to get it fixed.  Thanks, Jim, for giving me a heads up to be alert for something I needed to have repaired.


          When Maurice, my sister’s husband died, her living room lights would come on at dusk and then turn off about bedtime.  Because she has problems walking too far, she always asks him to find her a parking place when she is out in the car.  She always gets one, too!  Really close to the front door of where she wants to go!  They have worked out this system of communication. 


          My dad had a certain guide who, when he came into the circle would roll down the stair steps, never missing a step.  The only reason I don’t give his name is that if he would happen to come to me I would know for certain it was him and would be pleased and thrilled to hear from him again because his entry was quite unique!  Other guides have their own special ways of coming through that identify them without doubt!  Perhaps it might be a perfume, spice or certain other odor.  Do you listen to your guides and place this or that occurrence as their “signature?” 


          There are things my family has always heeded – if the palm of your left hand tingles or itches you will receive unexpected money; if your right palm itches or tingles you will “shake hands with an old friend” – or hear from someone in some way, a letter, email, phone call - from someone with whom you haven’t been in touch for a while.  Bubbles that stay in the middle of your coffee cup, if you slurp them or scoop them up on a spoon and drink them, indicate unexpected money.  A bell in the left ear is a sign of a death, a bell in the right ear is news.  You may call them superstitions but because we have steadfastly recognized them as the signs brought from spirit for those happenings they have always worked that way for all of us in our family.  You can set things up with your forces to have certain meanings for you.  You do have to be consistent so that you don’t get yourselves and spirit confused.  Maybe you would want to write down what this or that might mean to you. 


A friend I know receives messages when she sees different birds in her traveling around town.  Each different bird has a different type of message for her and she is alert to what each different species means to her.  When she sees hawks it means one thing to her, when she sees several cardinals, it means something else.  You can set up this type of communication with your guides by telling spirit how you would like it to work with you; say to them, hawks to me would mean I should be alert, cardinals would mean good news, butterflies could mean hearing from a relative; whatever you want to be consistent with, spirit can learn to work with for you. You might want to read Ted Andrew’s book “Animal Speak” to become familiar with which animals and birds work with which types of information.  It is an excellent place to begin opening this type of dialog with spirit.


We have been told that if we ask it shall be answered, if we knock, it will be opened to us.  We need to work with spirit so that spirit can work with us.  I can’t say that the signals I have mentioned would be the same as those you would work out with your spirit band but these are some examples of how you could try to learn to work with spirit on a consistent daily basis.  In that way you will help yourself and your workers to develop a method of interacting with you.


          Nothing earthshaking or new in this information – just a suggestion that you practice what we declare every Sunday – communication with the guides, teachers, healers, loved ones who are around and about us to help us in our daily lives.  The more you work with them the better they will be able to help you.  God bless and assist you to be “In Tune” with them and recognize their signals to you every day. 

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