What IS Integrity? By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery CM, NST
June 14th, 2018 12:35 am
What IS Integrity? 
Integrity is defined as the having the qualities of honor, honesty and strong moral principles.
Integrity is doing what you say you will do WHEN you say you will do it. 
Integrity is being honest and being a person of your word. 
Integrity is being dependable, reliable and freely admitting when you have made an error. 
Integrity is attempting to the best of your ability to correct that error as quickly as you possibly are able to do so.  
In today...
How Do You Accept Healing? By Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
May 16th, 2018 3:36 pm
Everyone thinks they would like to be healthy.  Everyone will tell you they want to be whole, pain free, completely well.  Everyone desires healing - for whatever reason.

My question is to you is how do you accept healing?  We know Infinite Intelligence is capable of healing every area in every way.  If you have received healing, and you feel better than you did prior to receiving it, how do you accept it?   Do you assess your body energetically, saying  "Yes! - Thank you Spirit, I feel muc...
The Importance of Spiritualism as a Religion by Rev. Frances D. Montgomery, CM, NST
April 28th, 2018 9:05 pm


          There is no real question as to the actual benefit the truths of Spiritualism could be to the world.  Our central teaching, that man survives the change called death and carries his character and personality with him to the spiritual world cannot be regarded as other than a momentous and wonderful message that really needs shared. 

There are many references in the King James Edition of the Bible which, read from our perspective of understanding, prove that life exists after th...


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